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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 June, 2004, 17:14 GMT 18:14 UK
Brother Beyond star in sex arrest
Nathan Moore
Brother Beyond reached number two in 1988 with The Harder I Try
Nathan Moore, former singer with pop groups Brother Beyond and Worlds Apart, has been arrested on suspicion of kerb crawling in central London.

He has been charged with soliciting a woman for the purpose of prostitution after being stopped in King's Cross.

Mr Moore, 39, from Islington, who manages pop acts James Fox and Phixx, is due to appear at Highbury Corner magistrates court, London, on Friday.

But his partner, Sean Borg, said he "would never kerb crawl in his life".

He is completely embarrassed - he is not a sleazy person
Sean Borg
Nathan Moore's partner
Mr Borg, a PR agent, said: "This is the most ridiculous situation and I feel really bad for Nathan today.

"He is completely embarrassed - he is not a sleazy person."

Mr Borg said his partner was riding home on his scooter on Thursday and stopped in King's Cross to buy some newspapers.

Mr Moore was approached by a woman and was then confronted by two police officers, Mr Borg said.

Pop career

Working with producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Brother Beyond had a number of chart hits in 1988-89, including The Harder I Try, which reached number two in July 1998.

Mr Moore later joined Worlds Apart, enjoying success in the UK and France in 1993 and 94.

Nathan Moore pictures in 1996
Mr Moore was also a member of the group Worlds Apart in the 1990s
As well as James Fox and Phixx, he manages former Pop Idol contestant Hayley Evetts and Haydon Eshun, formerly of boy band Ultimate Kaos - and most recently seen on the ITV1 show Reborn in the USA.

Two years ago, Mr Moore recorded a single with Kim Wilde, but failed to attract any interest from record companies.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said he was charged under the Sexual Offences Act 1985.

He was charged with: "Being a man soliciting a woman for the purposes of prostitution from a motor vehicle while it was in a street or public place, persistently or in such circumstances as to be likely to cause annoyance to the woman solicited or nuisance to other persons in the neighbourhood."

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