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Viz to drop Fat Slags in protest
Fat Slags
The Fat Slags became a comic book institution
Comic Viz is to publish its final Fat Slags strip after 14 years in protest at the new movie about the two Geordie woman which has received dire reviews.

The final strip featuring the pair will be in next week's edition, which also marks 25 years of the adult comic.

Viz editor Graham Drury, who also draws the cartoon, said: "I'm sorry to say that the Fat Slags are no more.

"After seeing this crass and ill- conceived film I just don't feel like drawing them again".

Actresses Fiona Allen and Sophie Thompson donned fat suits to play Sandra and Tracey, the two Northerners renowned for their drinking and man-eating.

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and model Naomi Campbell also feature in the film directed by Ed Bye, who was behind the 2000 film Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Released across the UK on Friday, the film has already been dubbed one of the worst British movies in history.

Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw wrote: "The genius of Viz's cartoon strip has been uncomprehendingly turned into a frantically awful movie like the notorious Mad Cows, but even worse."

No resemblance

Viz said its staff had been appalled at the movie version after seeing it at the weekend, saying it bore no resemblance to original comic strip.

The magazine sold the rights to the strip six years ago so had no control over the film, they added.

"As far as we are concerned the Fat Slags has already been made by Alan Clarke," said Mr Drury.

"His film Rita, Sue and Bob Too is the best film you could hope to make of the Fat Slags.

"This version...bears no relation to the comic strip which we have worked so hard to make a success."

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