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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 May, 2004, 17:29 GMT 18:29 UK
TV addict attempts world record
Tom Gibson is hoping to break the continuous TV watching world record
A television addict is attempting to break the world record for continuous TV watching.

Tom Gibson is watching television non-stop for 50 hours, from a sofa placed in a central London street.

The IT consultant from north London wants to smash the current world record set in 2002 by four men for 47 hours.

Mr Gibson, 24, says breaking the existing record would prove his parents wrong, after they told him "watching TV would get me nowhere".

He can take his eyes off the screen only during a 15-minute break every eight hours.

Mr Gibson, from Hendon, was chosen in a nationwide search by digital television provider HomeChoice to find Britain's biggest TV fan.

His attempt, which started at noon on Tuesday, is taking place in a mocked-up living room in central London's Cromwell Road.


He said: "People might call me a geek for wanting to break this record, but for me it will be a big accomplishment.

"My parents always told me that watching TV would get me nowhere, now it's my chance to prove them wrong."

Mr Gibson is allowed to order food and drink during his record attempt, and is being monitored on-site by a team of adjudicators.

He said he had been putting in hours of practice to prepare himself.

"I've slowly reduced the amount of time I spend asleep and concentrated on spending more time awake."

Mr Gibson's target of 47 hours was set under similar conditions two years ago by four British men - Nick Tungett, Adam King, Stephen Hayes and Sam Beatson.

They spent the time in special pods in London and Manchester, equipped with a DVD player, mini hi-fi and fridge, and of course, a huge widescreen TV.



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