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Madonna starts 50-date world tour
Madonna will take a 100-strong entourage around the world
Madonna kicked off her world tour in America on Monday, revealing her new image to fans.

She will spend three nights performing at the Forum in Los Angeles before moving on to Las Vegas.

The 50-date Re-invention Tour will also travel to Canada, the UK and Paris, ending in September.

During the tour, Madonna will be involved in making a documentary chronicling behind-the scenes action for a later cinema release.

More than 750,000 fans are expected to see the show as it makes its way across North America and Europe, where she will showcase music from her 20-year career.

Madonna had signalled her intention to perform in Israel but has now called off these dates.

Madonna's Re-Invention tour arrives in the UK in August
She has said she wanted to concentrate on the European dates, but The Sun newspaper reported they were cancelled due to safety fears.

Madonna's entourage includes more than 100 personnel including technicians and stage hands. There will be 12 dancers and five musicians accompanying her.

Scottish bagpipe player Calum "Spud" Fraser will also be a regular performer after he played at the christening of the singer's son Rocco in 2000.

Among the designers brought in to create costumes for Madonna are Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney, Jean Paul Gaultier and Prada.

This will be Madonna's first live dates since 2001, when she embarked on the Drowned World tour.

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Madonna looked stunning and sounded better than ever
Andrew Stewart, London, UK
I flew to LA for the opening night and I have to say that it was the experience of a lifetime. I have seen all her world tours and this tops the lot! Madonna looked stunning and sounded better than ever. The stage was incredible to say the least as were the images projected on to the 5 video screens. Anyone who was disappointed with the DWT because of the lack of old material will be in for a huge treat this time. This concert is an absolute MUST SEE!
Andrew Stewart, London, UK

I saw Madonna's opening night show and it was as good as I expected. She had developed stomach flu later in the show and still pulled off an incredible opening night, but she didn't do an encore which left the audience begging for more, probably due to her condition. Madonna amazes me every time I see her - all in all, it was so nice to see her humble to her roots, playing her old songs, vogueing, praying, preaching, expressing, getting into the groove and burning up with such a passion. At one point during the show, Madonna said, "Get up out of your seats, I'm giving you my all, I want you to give me your all!" You gotta love her.
Chad Allen, Hollywood, CA, USA

I went to Madonna's opening night in Los Angeles. It was brilliant, visually astonishing and a testament to the true creative genius that is Madonna. There were moments of frivolity, spirituality and masterful political criticism that made the concert a night to remember. I have waited 10 years to see her and feel honoured to have witnessed her sheer brilliance.
Susana Bustamante, Los Angeles, CA

I was at the opening night concert - what can you say - she's Madonna. Show was excellent you wanted more, though she did 122 minutes, a clean show, sort of spiritual. I would recommend it to anyone that wanted see a professional at her best.
Russ Piccirillo, Oxnard California 93030

Whatever you think of her or her music, her shows never fail to amaze everyone who sees them
Adam Hewitt, Droylsden, UK
I'm going to see Madonna in Paris for the third time, the first being at Wembley in 1993 and the second in Paris in 2001. Madonna has always been a source of inspiration for me and her live shows are incredible. Everyone should see a Madonna concert before they die. Whatever you think of her or her music, her shows never fail to amaze everyone who sees them. It's like a religious experience but better. Roll on September 1st.
Adam Hewitt, Droylsden, UK

My very first concert I ever went to had to be Madonna, And luckily enough that happened in 2001 when my sister and I went to see her at Earl's Court on the Drowned World tour. Although we were sat right at the back with a pillar blocking our view a little, being there was just one of, if not the greatest moment of my life.
Kellie, Devon, England

Madonna has been a big influence on my life since the age of sixteen. I feel really lucky to have grown up with her. She is an icon, there is only one Madonna and never will be anyone else like her. I can't wait until August 19th Earls Court. Hope she performs her early music. It could be the last chance to see her live. To make the most of I am going to go dress up as Desperately Seeking Susan. Hope you all enjoy her concerts.
Hayley Thorne, Crawley, West Sussex, England

As a 15 or 16-year-old roaming through a record store (longplays in those times) down Lexington Avenue in the Bronx (New York) I picked out Madonna's "Like a Virgin" record out all the other ones. I'm 35 years-old now and I can't believe she's still going on strong! I've missed all her concerts before because I was either a poor student, a busy career woman or a fatigued mother. I think this time I'm leaving everything behind and I'm going to give myself that pleasure. I just hope there are some tickets left!
S Bruno, Helsinki, Finland

I saw Madonna last time round at Earls Court in 2001 and she was fantastic. It was a lifelong ambition to see her play live. I would've loved to see her again this year but for some reason she insists on charging ridiculous amounts of money for tickets, even to sit right at the back. It's not as if she needs the money, she only charges so much because she can get away with it. I love her music and think she's great, but I'm not prepared to starve to afford tickets!
Amanda, Nottingham, UK

I will be there, at the front of Wembley Arena! After being too far away at the Drowned World Tour, I swore if I ever went again, I'd make sure I was close! Can't wait to see Mad's in her adopted hometown!
Bruce Elrick, Aberdeen, Scotland

I cannot wait! I've seen her before - here in the UK and in Italy and I believe this will be a very "high impact" tour. Probably more political than anything she's done before. Good luck Madonna!
Luca, London, UK

Madonna is definitely an icon
Brian, New Orleans, LA
I bought Madonna tickets the day they went on sale. I am thrilled! Madonna is definitely an icon. I will be in heaven watching her perform for the second time. Love you Madonna! Keep making albums, you make me happy!
Brian, New Orleans, LA

Madonna has been a staple in my life for as long as I remember. Her music has been playing in my household since I was a child. I will attend Madonna's last show in metro Los Angeles because I know this may be the last time to see her live on such a grand scale. We can't expect her to mount this sort of show for much too longer since she won't probably have as much energy left anymore.
Hakop Uzunyan, Los Angeles, USA

I got right floor, nearly front row seats for this show. I saw Madonna for the first time in my life in 2001 seated in the second balcony way in the back. I remember I almost lost my mind when she came out on stage. I thought to myself after the show; if I had been any closer I might have passed out. Now, I'm 102 rows closer, I just hope I make it through the show. Can't wait. R
R Trester, Toronto,Canada

Madonna has survived with a modicum of talent, a facility for shocking people, and a huge penchant for self-promotion. No, I won't be seeing Madonna on tour.
Mark, Cincinnati, USA

Finally I'll be out of my country to see Madonna live. The first time was in Rio during her The Girle show in Maracana Stadium for almost 120,000 people. In September I'll be in Paris. It's a privilege being a contemporary of Madonna, the greatest artist ever.
Rodolfo Abreu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Before I die, I once told myself, I must attend a Madonna concert, but coming from Africa chances of that are next to nil. This September I will be in Holland and Madonna is scheduled to perform there. My dream is coming true because nothing will stop me attending that concert.
Josses Karani, Nairobi, Kenya

Energy combined with provocative art
L Janczuk, Hyde, UK
This time Madonna seems to have gone straight to the core of what is essentially Madonna, the ever changing beauty of life and its many complications. The tasters we've seen seem to verify that this tour is going to be nothing short of a short sharp kick up the senses with a heavy dose of what Madonna has always done best - and let's face it - has kept her where she is today - Multi-faceted-image-inspired-by-the-movement-and-change-of-life-that-we-all-experience. I'm looking forward to this tour (I have tickets for Manchester, Earl's Court and Paris, 5th row, 10th row and standing from front)and I expect to see a great concentration of what has always attracted me to the Madonna Phenomenon - Energy combined with provocative art.
L Janczuk, Hyde, UK

I will be attending all 7 UK Madonna shows. The Queen of Pop is worth every penny and this show will be like nothing people have ever seen before - roll on August !
Steven Toole, London

I'm seeing Madonna play in Los Angeles tomorrow night for the first time in my life! I've grown up watching her 'reinvent' herself over and over again and she's a source of inspiration for all women everywhere.
Brooke Fredericks, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

No. Never. Mediocre talent, at best.
Lisa Kessler, East Longmeadow, MA USA

I have tickets for the 19th August show at Earls Court. Having been a fan of Madonna since her first song "Borderline", I just cannot stress how much going to this concert will mean to me. It will fulfil my burning ambition to see her live before I die or she retires. I'm so exited I can't wait!
Carolyn Crumpton, United Kingdom

I am in Jamaica so I will not make it but I will be watching it on television and reading about it in the paper.
Patricia Russell-Brissett, Montegao Bay, Jamaica West Indies


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