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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 October, 2004, 13:14 GMT 14:14 UK
A-Team TV series 'for big screen'
George Peppard
George Peppard starred as A-Team leader Hannibal
Hit 1980s TV action series The A-Team is to be remade as a movie, according to Hollywood trade paper Variety.

It said James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein was writing a more serious movie version of the popular US series for the Fox studio.

The TV show followed the fortunes of four Vietnam veterans on the run after escaping from a US military prison.

Starring Mr T as BA Baracus, and the late George Peppard, The A-Team was a big hit with UK viewers.

I'd really like to have Mr T in the movie
Stephen J Cannell, co-producer

The series, which ran from 1983 to 1987, also starred Dirk Benedict as Faceman Peck and Dwight Schultz as Howling Mad Murdock.

Peppard, who played The A-Team leader Hannibal, died in Los Angeles in 1994.

Stephen J Cannell, who created the original show and is co-producing the new film, said Mr T could be bought back in a cameo role.

'Dangerous' tone

He told Variety: "Mr T and I had lunch last week, and I'd really like to have him in the movie, although we haven't begun casting.

"I always think it's nice to see the stars of the old show in cameo roles in the movie.

"But obviously he won't be playing BA Baracus."

Cannell added that the remake would be "less cartoony" than the original.

He told Variety: "Not to denigrate the TV show, but nobody ever died.

"We drove cars off cliffs and people got out and walked away. We're not going to do that in the movie.

"In this the tone is more dangerous - you can really die. It's very tense and exciting."

A Fox spokesperson was unavailable for comment when contacted by BBC News Online.


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