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Last Updated: Friday, 21 May, 2004, 10:49 GMT 11:49 UK
Britain axes nipple from EU film
baby being breastfed
British censors required a nipple shot cut from a breastfeeding scene
A film advert encouraging people to vote in the European elections has been censored in Britain to eliminate a glimpse of a bare nipple.

The European Parliament film depicts various choices being made by a jury, school pupils and a breastfed baby.

Brief shots of the mother's nipple were cut from the version to be shown in 2,200 British cinemas, on the orders of the Cinema Advertising Association.

The advert will be shown unedited in up to 24 EU countries.

Labour MP Julia Drown said the move highlighted "a real inconsistency" in attitudes towards breastfeeding in the UK.

"There is a minority of people in the country who are somehow offended by breastfeeding in public, who somehow think it's a bit scary, rude or unacceptable," she said.

Julia Drown MP
It forgets the fact that millions of bosoms are thrust into people's faces every single day in the tabloids
Julia Drown MP
"But it just forgets the fact that millions of bosoms are thrust into people's faces every single day in the tabloids."

Two versions of the promotional film have been made by the European Parliament's audio-visual department, lasting 45 seconds and 30 seconds.

Both feature the breast-feeding scene, and Britain was the only country which required the nipple to be cut from both versions.

The advert ends with the voice-over message: "You've been voting since you were born: don't stop now - European Parliament elections, 10 June."

Apart from the language of the final message, the advert was intended to be exactly the same for all European audiences.

However, in addition to cuts demanded in Britain, French censors were uncomfortable about a brief shot of a stern-looking female judge receiving a jury's verdict. Ireland has reportedly decided not to screen the advert at all.

The edited advert will be shown in British cinemas from 28 May.

Labour MP Julia Drown
"The majority of people... know we should be doing more to encourage people to breastfeed"

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