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Joy Division film 'in planning'
Joy Division
Curtis (second left) died in 1980 aged 23
A film based on the life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis is to be made, according to reports.

The film will be developed by American producer Amy Hobby, who was behind the Maggie Gyllenhall film Secretary, trade newspaper Variety said.

Curtis committed suicide aged 23 in 1980, shortly before he was due to tour the US. Joy Division are regarded as one of rock's most iconic bands.

Dance music star Moby is to act as the film's musical advisor.

The biopic of the life of the tragic rock star follows the 2003 film 24 Hour Party People, which told the history of the Manchester music scene through the trials of Joy Division's label, Factory Records.

Curtis was played by the actor Sean Harris in the film.

'Tragic romantic'

Curtis' death - and his bandmates' comeback as the band New Order - were dealt with in the film.

The film is being made with the help of London-based Neal Weisman, who is friends with Factory Records former chief Tony Wilson.

"Ian Curtis was a tragic romantic in the classic sense of the word," Mr Weisman told Variety at the Cannes Film Festival.

"He always thought he would be famous as some kind of poet and die by his mid-20s, and that's what happened."

Joy Division became famous for their bleak, introspective music, which became a hallmark of Britain's post-punk music scene.

Their debut album Unknown Pleasures became a cult record, and the band had a global hit with their mournful song Love Will Tear Us Apart.

The film is expected to start shooting next year. There are no details of cast as yet.

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