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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 October, 2004, 16:58 GMT 17:58 UK
Stern moves to satellite network
Howard Stern
Stern's show often causes offence
Controversial US radio DJ Howard Stern is ditching his syndicated morning show to join a subscription network which is free from regulators.

The shock jock announced on his radio show that he was quitting, saying he was "tired of the censorship".

Stern recently saw his show dropped from major stations across the US over indecency concerns.

His new five-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio was described as "a multi-million dollar agreement".

He will see out the final 15 months of his contract with Infinity Broadcasting, which syndicates his show to stations across the US, before joining Sirius.

"It has been my dream to have the top-rated show in radio since I was five years old," Stern said in a statement.

"Sirius - the future of radio - will take this dream to a whole new level as I bring my fans my show my way. It will be the best radio they will ever hear."

Stern was dropped by six stations owned by media giant Clear Channel earlier this year and later agreed to pay the Federal Communications Commission $1.75m (950,000), admitting Stern's show had breached indecency laws.

Entertainment force

Infinity had previously paid $1.7m for indecency violations in Stern's broadcasts.

Infinity and Clear Channel are now locked in a legal battle over the DJ.

Stern has had a long-running battle with the FCC over the contents of his shows, which are often sexually-explicit. He is considered the number one host among men aged between 18 and 49.

In a statement Stern said the FCC "stopped me from doing business", adding he would "bury" Clear Channel.

Satellite radio, like cable TV, is not subject to scrutiny by US federal authorities because it is only available to subscribers.

Sirius chief executive Joseph P Clayton called Stern "an entertainment force of unprecedented recognition and popularity in the broadcast world".

He said the recruitment of Stern would boost the audience of satellite radio.

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