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Chadha takes Austen to Bollywood
Gurinder Chadha with Martin Henderson who plays Darcy
Chadha's next film is a Hollywood action adventure
Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha has said her new film Bride and Prejudice was a challenge as she had to merge Bollywood and British culture.

She told BBC One's Breakfast her Jane Austen adaptation meant she had to "temper the Bollywood stuff so it was more accessible to Western eyes".

The film, which features dancing and singing and was made in the UK, India and the US, opens next Friday.

Her next film is a prequel of 1960s TV series I Dream of Jeannie.

Chadha said Jane Austen is still relevant to Indian society today.

"Once I started to unpick the novel, it's mum, dad, five daughters who all need marrying off - a very Indian story. Trying to get rich husbands with status - again, a very Indian story," she said.

Bride and Prejudice
The film is inspired by the music and colour of Bollywood

"It became clear that even though Jane Austen was writing in 1790s England, everything she was saying morally and culturally fitted contemporary small town India."

Chadha's film stays faithful to Austen's original story, although the Bennett family become the Bakshis, and Mr Darcy becomes a wealthy American.

The film, which took two years to make - Bend It Like Beckham only took six months - includes Bollywood, British and Hollywood actors.

"It was more of a challenge - we all speak English across the three continents but communication is different," she said.

Chadha used a Bollywood choreographer, music director and cinematographer for the film.

Bright future

"But my job was to take what they do in their purest form and 'English-ise' it a bit," she said.

"I came up with the idea several years ago, I wanted to do a Bollywood-style movie but didn't want to do something that just took the mickey out of it."

The I Dream of Jeannie prequel will be a very different ball game. The original TV series featured an astronaut who released a female genie from a bottle, who vowed to serve him.

"Next I'm going to do a big super duper action adventure Hollywood movie, it's another girl power movie though - right up my street."

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