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'Moving' service for actor Brando
The Godfather
The Godfather is probably Brando's best-known role
Marlon Brando's ashes have been scattered in California and Tahiti after a memorial service for the Oscar-winning actor, friends have said.

Stars at the service included Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty, news agency AFP said.

"It was really quite small and a lot of his family were there. It was moving, very nice," friend Jay Kanter said.

Brando, star of films including The Godfather and A Streetcar Named Desire, died of lung failure on 1 July aged 80.

"Marlon's ashes were spread according to his wishes following a private memorial service held at his friend Mike Medavoy's home in Los Angeles that was attended by between 100 and 120 people," Brando's lawyer David Seeley said.

The last time my father left his house to go anywhere, to spend any kind of time, it was with Michael Jackson
Brando's son Miko

The ashes were divided between California's Death Valley, and a Tahitian atoll owned by Brando.

The secretive actor had been cremated at a small service two to three days after his death, friends said.

They added some of the ashes were scattered in California earlier this month before the Tahitian part of his family left the US.

Brando met his second wife in the Polynesian islands while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1962.


One of his ten surviving children, Miko, told the Los Angeles Times the family was considering following up plans Brando once had to build a luxury hotel on his atoll, Tetiaroa.

Miko said Brando had spent a lot of time before his death on Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch.

"The last time my father left his house to go anywhere, to spend any kind of time, it was with Michael Jackson.

"He loved it. My father had a 24-hour chef, 24-hour security, 24-hour help, 24-hour kitchen, 24-hour maid service. Just carte blanche," Miko - a Jackson employee - told the paper.

It said Brando needed a portable oxygen tank to help him breathe in his last few months, after pulmonary fibrosis virtually crippled his respiratory system.


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