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Last Updated: Friday, 30 April, 2004, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
Rock star's ex-nanny plans appeal
Joy Fahy
Ms Fahy praised the judge's ruling last week
The ex-nanny of Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan is to appeal after losing the majority of her case against the performer and her husband.

Joy Fahy was ordered to pay court costs for both sides up to 300,000 euros (210,000) by Justice Jonathan Quirke.

Ms Fahy, 34, won 1,500 euros (1,000) from the couple but failed to prove allegations of false imprisonment and breach of contract against the pair.

"I still have my honesty and my dignity," she said outside court.

"I have been ruined before but I have been fine," she added.

Ms Fahy said she was "just a nanny" and had "no idea" how she would approach the costs.

She was awarded $1,500 (1,000) at a Dublin court on Wednesday after Judge Jonathan Quirke said he was satisfied some of her belongings had been mislaid when she left the job, before they were later returned.

Dolores O'Riordan
Ms O'Riordan had hits in the 90s with the Cranberries

But she had sought 12,700 euros (9,000), a Cherokee Jeep and the deposit for an apartment from the couple.

Ms Fahy hailed the judge's ruling as a success outside the court on Wednesday.

"I came here with my statement, I came with my story. It was the truth and it is the truth," she said.

"I am relieved it's all over and sometimes the little guy can win."

Ms O'Riordan said on Wednesday she wanted to put the court case behind her.

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