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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 September, 2004, 12:28 GMT 13:28 UK
'Lost' Hendrix concert uncovered
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix died in 1970
An original recording of a Jimi Hendrix concert, which was thought to have been destroyed, has been found in Sweden.

Technicians at SVT - Sweden's public television - unearthed the recording made at a concert in Stockholm in 1969.

The unmarked tape was found stashed on a shelf deep inside the station's enormous archives.

Part of the 56-minute concert was aired on SVT in 1969, before the Jimi Hendrix Experience disbanded, but it has never been shown in its entirety.

SVT spokeswoman Catarina Wilson said the black-and-white recording was found during a project to transfer archived material from tape and film to digital.

She said: "They looked through the tape and found it had some Jimi Hendrix.

This is great material that we would love to show
SVT spokeswoman Catarina Wilson

"Then they saw it had a lot of Jimi Hendrix - the entire concert, which is what makes this tape unique."

Ms Wilson said the tape should have been destroyed after broadcast, at a time when it was too expensive to keep all raw footage.

But one of the network's workers probably hid it on the shelf, where it sat for 35 years gathering dust.

SVT is determining if it still has the rights to show the entire broadcast of the concert.

Ms Wilson added: "This is great material that we would love to show."

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