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Last Updated: Monday, 26 April 2004, 12:32 GMT 13:32 UK
Digital switch on target says BBC
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Digital TV is due to replace analogue completely by 2010
The BBC has said it is on target to achieve switchover from analogue to digital television by 2010.

In its first report on the switchover, the BBC described progress as "astonishing", stating it "puts the UK in an enviable position".

But the report to Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell stressed the industry and government must work together if it is to be achieved within the timeframe.

It lists a number issues which need addressing to achieve the switchover.

Digital divide

These include improved marketing and communication of digital to unconverted households, the ease of recording from digital channels and the conversion of secondary TV sets.

To date, digital television is available in more than 54% of homes with a significant contribution from Freeview, the BBC-backed digital service.

Andy Duncan, director of marketing, communications and audiences, said: "The BBC fully recognises that digital switchover has the potential to bring great economic, social and cultural value to Britain.

"By working with like-minded partners we would like to see an additional route to digital access - free-to-air digital satellite - become a viable and attractively simple option."

Consumer choice

Speaking about the report, called Progress Towards Achieving Digital Switchover, Ms Jowell said: "This government is absolutely committed to working with the industry to achieve digital switchover.

"The potential rewards, including more choice for consumers and more space for new services, are too great for us not to be.

"The fact that half of homes in the UK now have access to digital TV shows there is a considerable appetite for the product out there.

"This provides a solid foundation for continuing the drive towards full switchover."

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