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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 September, 2004, 09:47 GMT 10:47 UK
Toenail clippings to become art
Only You by Carlos Capelan
Capelan's Only You incorporates a range of objects and materials
A collage of toenail clippings is going on display at Gateshead's Baltic contemporary arts centre.

Uruguayan artist Carlos Capelan's clippings feature in Only You, which "playfully explores issues of self, ego and identity", the centre said.

He will incorporate drawings, video, photography, sculpture, wine and soft drinks in his work.

The centre will also host an exhibition featuring a model train running on tracks around the gallery floor.

'Wry humour'

A centre spokeswoman said Capelan's work uses "a wry humour" to comment on "romance versus the 'rough and tumble' of family life".

"Each work suggests an emotional warmth rather than a critical coldness, enabling the viewer to readily empathise with Capelan's gentle exposure of life," she added.

Only You by Carlos Capelan
Capelan looks at romance versus "rough and tumble" of family life
His work will be displayed from 2 October, followed by the joint exhibition by Finnish artists Veli Grano and and Tuovi Hippelainen.

It will feature a model train encircling a tiny cinema in the centre of the track featuring video clips of people relating memorable moments from their lives.

In November the arts centre will devote space to Phyllida Barlow, who works with mundane household items such as house paint, plaster of Paris and plastic.

The 46m centre previously featured sculptor Antony Gormley's exhibition of 250 body moulds and Wolfgang Weileder's installation of two three-storey houses.

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