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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 September, 2004, 16:23 GMT 17:23 UK
Beatles fly flag in hall of fame
The Beatles
The Beatles had a lasting influence on the UK music scene
The Beatles are the only British act among the founding inductees into the UK Music Hall of Fame, alongside Elvis Presley, Madonna, U2 and Bob Marley.

The hall, launched on Thursday ahead of a Channel 4 series this autumn, is for artists who have made the greatest contribution to "UK music culture".

Producers say it is "nothing to do with the geography or the moment in time".

The artists were chosen by a panel including Sir George Martin, Trevor Nelson and Paul Gambaccini.

Malcolm Gerrie, head of production company Initial, told BBC News Online: "It's to do with fantastic music that will be there forever and the impact and resonance they've had."

Outside the US, it's Britain that's dominated pop music for the last 40 years
Paul Gambaccini
Gambaccini said some people would inevitably be unhappy with the final list.

"There will be one or two names conspicuous by their absence, but that's the nature of the beast," he said.

He added the UK was one of the few countries to "punch above its weight" in music.

"Outside the US, it's Britain that's dominated pop music for the last 40 years," he said. "It's something this country doesn't properly celebrate."

They inspire me more now than they did when I was a kid and are still the greatest
Noel Gallagher on The Beatles
Oasis star Noel Gallagher championed The Beatles, saying: "I was playing guitar before I heard The Beatles, but as I got older and listened to their tunes I realised they were amazing.

"They inspire me more now than they did when I was a kid and are still the greatest."

The panel also included Blur bassist Alex James, former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart, Manchester legend Tony Wilson and Glastonbury festival organiser Emily Eavis.

Five two-hour Channel 4 shows will give viewers the chance to vote for further inductees.

Each programme will focus on one decade, with fans given the choice of 10 acts from that decade to vote for.

Have your say on the UK Music Hall of Fame - do any other artists deserve to be on the first list? Should more British bands be recognised?

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Madonna more influential than Bowie? Compare Ziggy Stardust, Low Station to Station etc to any of Madonna's "classic albums". How many people cite Madonna as a major influence? Pathetic.
Paul, Coventry

Get off the Floyd bandwagon why don't you! Sure they were "conceptual", but how many acts claim them as an influence? None. At least Madge broke women into a popular music industry dominated by men.
Lee, Horsham

Cliff Richard should be included as he is like Elvis one of the pioneers of rock and roll and I think the Bee Gees also for their songwriting and vocal abilities.
Kim, US

The Beatles 100% agreed. But missing out The Stones and Led Zeppelin is a crime. Other British names for consideration into the Hall of Fame should be UB40, Queen and The Moody Blues. American artists Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. I'm not totally against Cliff and The Shadows being nominated either.
Dave Field, Brighton, England

American acts are always being seen as more valuable and worth more praise than British acts and this "UK hall of fame" proves it. By the end of this year, Britney and Christina would be inducted while real British acts that have weathered the times would still be on some waiting list.
TJ, London, England.

He may not be cool. He may not be typical Rock n roll material. That however is the very reason he should be there, because in spite of all the odds against him, he continues to be the most successful UK chart act... Where is Cliff??
Eddie Huntington, Hartlepool UK

Madonna? A pop icon but not a musician or much of a songwriter.
Jerry, LA, US

It is right and just that the Beatles are the only UK group to be featured. Furthermore, it is now historically impossible for any other group to be as good. Sorry, folks.
Ciaran Guilfoyle, Oldham, Lancs

Where are the Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, the Happy Mondays, the Stones Roses and Radiohead in this list? All era-defining groups, unlike Madonna!
Steve, Nottm, England

Madonna ? Much as I have liked some of her music over the years she's hardly influential. For that you have to look to people and groups like Hendrix, Marc Bolan, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, Cream and of course the most influential group since the sixties... Led Zeppelin.
Nick, East Peckham

How about some of the reggae and ska bands? Bands like The Police, or Madness, while not as popular as U2 or Madonna, really influenced the sound of the 80s.
Halley, Saranac Lake, USA

Fair enough, British pop music is massively derived from American blues and jazz but as many others have said - LED ZEPPELIN - THE biggest, greatest band of all time. They out-played and out-performed (and out sold) most on this shabby list.
Gary, Manchester

They took one act from each decade, now that is pretty hard work. U2 are from the 90s decade, so give them a break, they were chosen over Britpop bands who are genius but not legends. Madonna was the one chosen of great music of the 80s like Queen and David Bowie, she doesn't belong in that stratosphere.
Els, London, UK

Looks like the programme makers have succeeded with what they intended - stirring up controversy to get people interested. If it was the Beatles, the Stones, Bowie, Zep and Dylan there wouldn't be anything to argue about (well, maybe from Neil Young fans...)
Badger, Aberdeen

How disappointing. A UK Hall of fame could have been a beautiful way of celebrating our musical heritage but from the outset it has made itself irrelevant.
Paul Marcroft, London, England

Of course Madonna should make the list - She's the most successful female artist of all time and whether you love or hate her, she's helped shape modern music over the last 20 years. Simple.
Rob Knight, Cardiff

I feel that there is a total lack of depth in the chosen bands. Are only musicians from the 50's on to be included? None of the Big Bands of the '40s? Dance Bands of the 50's? As per usual there is nothing of the Punk Era.
Neal Rollason, Brentford, Middlesex

I agree with a lot of the comments, but at the risk of adding another non-UK band, what about the Velvet Underground (OK John Cale was from Wales)? Not as famous as a lot of the acts mentioned so far but surely more musically influential?
Brian, London, UK

It's always funny to see how upset the musos get just because his/her favourite band isn't in a completely meaningless poll (Moody Blues for pity's sake??) There has to be a line drawn. In my opinion you'd have to start with Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and Bob Marley who are (yes, arguably) the most important acts - then start getting petty.
Anthony, Reading

And still the Beatles are as grossly overrated as they've ever been. What everybody forgets is that there was a fifth Beatle - George Martin - who was really responsible for their success. Neither Paul McCartney or John Lennon did anything like the Beatles material, which actually gives the game away!
Steve, Bristol, UK

Err...Jimi Hendrix? The man who was credited with kick starting the rise of the electric guitar as we know it by using the then new-fangled Fender Stratocaster to produce sounds people had never heard before in a way people had never seen before.

Add to that Led Zep (obvious reasons), Public Enemy (the leading figures in rebellious political black urban music for many many years), Bowie and surely the Velvet Underground should feature somewhere.
Steve, Bristol, UK

No Rolling Stones, no Who, no Floyd, no Led Zeppelin, no Queen, no Sir Cliff & no Sir Elton John! If it's the UK Hall of Frame then make it that - why do we always seem to sell ourselves short with music? British acts have always been the frontrunners in terms of originality and production and will remain the best for years to come. Just look at the likes of Coldplay & Radiohead in recent years.
Alan, Birmingham, England

Question is, who chose the so-called 'judging panel' - one look at the responses from Joe and Josephine Public on this page proves they've got it totally wrong!
Christopher, Harrogate, UK

While I could argue with most of the inclusions and agree with many of the contributors here about the omissions, I feel there is a much more important issue to address, namely keeping the talentless, pointless, tuneless Oasis out of the Hall Of Fame. Forever!
Paul, Norwich, England

The Beatles again (groan)! It is this type of accolade that perpetuates the myth that the Beatles were the most important British group ever. Yet, if you look at their music in the context of its own time you will find, more often than not, that the Beatles were followers not leaders.
Paul, Aberystwyth, Wales

This is nothing more than a cynical marketing campaign for Channel 4's new series, and they obviously hope that those who are outraged that their favourite artists are missing will tune in and vote.
Duncan, London, UK

I am irritated that Rolling Stones aren't given a mention. Perhaps even more so than that, Joy Division/New Order and Happy Mondays deserve to be part of this, their influence on music has been enormous, with the birth of dance culture. I'm sure Tony Wilson would have been plugging them, but still, they were important.
Sarah Thomas, Hertfordshire

What about the Byrds - you could argue that most British alternative pop/rock from the C-86 generation through to Britpop and beyond has been inspired, in some way, by Roger McGuinn and co.
Mark, London, UK

Bob Dylan should be on the list. He changed music back in the 60's to increase the importance of words and phrasing.
Peter Growns, Maidstone, U.K.

The Clash if you please - pure songwriting genius and an unsurpassable live experience
Hector, Nottingham

The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Yardbirds, Led Zep, The Small Faces, The Smiths, Pink Floyd... true British classics. Madonna? U2? You WHAT?
William Thomas, London

What is the point of having a UK Hall of Fame without having The Stones there?
Jukka Itakyla, Turku, Finland

Paul Weller! Say no more!
Jonathan, Leeds

If the early inductees are supposed to be groundbreakers, then Hendrix, Dylan and even the Sex Pistols should precede some of those chosen.
Ian James, Aylesbury, England

I think this proves that the people 'controlling' British music at the moment are un-qualified and misguided. You have only got to see what passes for talent these days. The list of truly talented and influential UK artists is vast and only the Beatles mentioned! Its obviously about sales and not influence or talent, no surprise there then. Madonna? -Throwaway trash pop!
Maj, Bristol

As one of the most popular and creative British bands of the 1980s, Dire Straits should be included on the list.
Ben, London, UK

If the Stones are not in there, why did Sir Mick get his Knighthood?

Have I misread the list of inductees? I saw Madonna, but that must surely be a typo? Where are the Stones, Led Zep, Bowie, The Police, The Kinks, Yes, etc. The list could run for years before reaching Madonna!!
Neil, Chelmsford, England

Am I the only person that's sick of The Beatles being put way ahead of The Stones every time? Yes, they had more number ones, but then, so have Westlife!!
Jason, Leeds, England

I agree with Alex from Birmingham - Led Zep should definitely be there. But also what about Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones...need I go on?!
Ade, Stockport

I feel that bands like the Yardbirds, and early Fleetwood Mac should be in the Hall of Fame. Both bands helped make American blues popular, after a period of decline. Bands like these reinvented blues, and made the music popular again in the U.S.
Michael Purves, Hartlepool U.K.

I agree with those who cite Cream and especially Eric Clapton. Without these guys there probably would have been no Led Zep, no Queen, and the music of the 70's and 80's would have developed completely differently - hmm...maybe I'm beating around the wrong bush here...
Anne, Bexhill-on-Sea, UK

The Beatles, Stones and Led Zeppelin were just another form of minstrelsy. Where are Little Richard, Arthur Alexander, Howlin' Wolf and all the great r'n'b and blues artists that these groups ripped off?
Chester Dent, London

So Punk Rock never happened then? Looks like the Music Industry needs another swift kick up the backside.
T Smith, London UK

Way to go Madonna! You deserve it!
James, United States of America

Agreeing with most of what everyone else has said but personally I cannot believe that David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd (my personal no.1), Stones, Led Zep, Bob Dylan, Sex Pistols, Clash, Kinks, Van Morrison, Carlos Santana, Aretha Franklin, the late & great John Lee Hooker - I could go on - are not already in there as they have influenced not only other musicians but generations of music fans. In fact, although they're not my taste, what about Abba? Maybe no one should have been pre-inducted if that's the best so called industry professionals can do
Diane, Cheshire

What's the point of listing American-based acts in the UK Hall of Fame? The panel also have selected acts according to popularity rather than musical talent. Ok, I accept the Beatles are an important 60's group, although Ray Davies wrote better songs. I would suggest that The Fall, Steel Pulse, Small Faces, The Clash, Roxy Music and especially Brian Eno have done more to push creativity forwards in music. Also What about Dance Music? Not my scene but a lot of styles such as Jungle and Banghra are great examples of cross culture music developed in the UK. This contrasts with many rock acts who were pale imitations of American music and culture.
Nick Foster, Reading

Excuse me but... Paul Weller over the last 3 decades...musician , songwriter, spokesman for a generation etc...
David Malley, Falkirk, Scotland

Why all the Madonna bashing? She so deserves to be there. Her chart performance alone deserves to be merited. She changed a woman's position in the music industry and is still as important now as she was in 1984. So yes, a woman should be inducted, and there was really only one choice. MADONNA.
Tom Morgan, Swansea, Wales

Eric Clapton, probably the greatest influence on budding guitarists worldwide. And still going strong.
Rob Forrest, Preston, UK

Elton John? Queen? The Rolling Stones? David Bowie? The Who? Surely these are obvious candidates.
Nigel Sawyer, McDonough, Georgia USA

Definitely Queen and how about Led Zeppelin? How many times has We Will Rock You been used for various adverts and films in the last 10 years alone? And We are the Champions is played at practically every major sporting event. And then there is the small matter of Bohemian Rhapsody. I mean U2 are good but on their day Queen were miles better as a live act and in the studio.
Neil, UK

Music is personal and everybody has their own 'league table' of artists. How do you compare the success and longevity of Cliff Richard to Madonna? It's impossible and the whole thing is ridiculous.
Billy, Hamilton, Bermuda

Hang on, what more do Led Zeppelin have to do to get in there? I can't believe anybody with hand on heart can say U2 had any more influence then Zep. How many songs have used Bolan drum samples?? How many people picked up a guitar and played Stairway? Somebody check the members of the panel for a heartbeat please!
Yeti, Aberdeen & Surrey

For various reasons, there are several omissions of homegrown talent, which ought to have been included but I guess they had to draw the line somewhere. It would be interesting to see the criteria they used. For my part, I would like to have seen the following: Cliff Richard - only artist to have a number one in each decade and biggest singles seller The Shadows - biggest selling instrumental band and recognized influence on a lot of subsequent acts The Moody Blues - the influence on the rock genre is underestimated. Similarly Pink Floyd. Then as mentioned before, stars with global impact include Sir Elton John, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, etc. More eclectic would be the influence of bands like The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band... Perhaps it would have been slightly better to have more parochial entrants as the first inductees, with the possible exception of Elvis P.
Vic, Pembury, Kent

While The Beatles are an obvious choice for a Hall of Fame, they are not the only British act that deserves inclusion. What about The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Sex Pistols, The Specials, The Clash and Soul 2 Soul? These are acts that have changed the face of UK music and should be respected as such. Would Brit-Pop have been the same if The Small Faces and The Kinks hadn't existed? Without Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, teenage boys would have no Metal, while other teenagers painted their rooms black listening to records by Joy Division and The Smiths. Without Yes and Marc Bolan, The Darkness would just be a bunch of weirdos, instead of a bunch of ironic weirdos. Perhaps Channel 4 should consider a UK Hall of Fame made up of UK artistes, as well as a worldwide one. At least that way our rich and diverse musical culture stops being merely a subset of Americana.
Alan Sircom, London, England.

I hate to admit it but Cliff Richard should be included, his music is not for me but he has been around for going on 100 years so deserves some credit. Where would wedding discos be without him? And surely everybody will have caught themselves singing Summer Holiday whether they want to admit it or not. But also, it would be a travesty to miss out The Smiths, who were voted most influential band by NME readers, David Bowie, and Black Sabbath, but then heavier rock and metal always seem to get overlooked in these sort of things despite a massive loyal fan base..........
Alec, Leicester, England

Kraftwerk. Surely one the most important bands ever!
Michael, Dublin Ireland

If Tony Wilson is in...Joy Division must feature somewhere. Also Roxy Music were innovators when they first started out.
Dale, Leek, Staffs

Clapton, The Stones, Led Zep, The Kinks, The Who, The Creation, Bowie, Queen, and all the rest of the UK bands (in no particular order)who showed the world how to do it properly - WHERE ARE THEY? - or is this just another music biz hype to make more money for the hangers-on?

How about the two-thirds British Jimi Hendrix Experience?
Phil, Chatham, UK

I don't think Roxy Music should be overlooked for their contributions to music. The influence of their first three albums can still be heard today in bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Scissor Sisters.
Stu, Manchester, UK

Madonna and U2 - you must be joking. Queen, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Bill Hayley (rock and roll's founder), even Roy Orbison. Surely you have to have people that are leaders of music - not followers.
Spenser, Perth, Australia

I've always thought it and now it's official... Madonna is the most overrated contribution ever to "UK music culture". How on earth the woman can even stand in the same room as The Rolling Stones is beyond me!
Chris Parker, Cheltenham

I'm most surprised by the inclusion of Madonna and U2. Famous yes, but have they been great innovators or influences? Not really. I'd add: John Mayall (without whom no Clapton or Fleetwood Mac) Joni Mitchell (since every second female singer these days is a pale copy) Genesis or Yes (for inflicting Prog-Rock on us) Black Sabbath (since all the ghastly nu-metal bands seem to claim them as influences) Brian Eno (for inspiring a lot of electronic music) The Pixies (for an awful lot of indie bands)
James, Scotland

Why no Tina Charles or Liquid Gold. A travesty.
Ellie Hope, Feltham-on-the-moor

Madonna? Please!!! Her costumes carried her through when her music let her down. Queen were fantastic with or without pointy metal corsetry!
Sue, Wivelsfield, West Sussex

Why not the WHO? A lot of younger bands have been influenced by their style of playing and performing.
Russell, London

I personally think it's scandalous that Steps didn't make it in.
Alex Knibb, Bristol, UK

Madonna and U2 have both made uniquely authentic contributions to music. Record sales, sell-out concerts involving millions of fans over the past two decades are evidence of their style, creativity and ability to produce memorable, challenging music.
Mervyn, London

Led Zeppelin should be in there, they have been a massive influence on metal bands even though they were able to transcend that genre. Also, the Stones have been going 40 years, I can't believe they were not included. The list of great performers is endless, The Who, Elton John, David Bowie - all of these should be there.
Richard Cox, Congleton, Cheshire

What about Led Zeppelin?, The Stones?, The Jam? The Clash? or The Sex Pistols? ALL should come ahead of U2!!
Luke, Leicester, UK

There is one group who contributed an enormous amount in the way of talent and influence, and still do. The inimitable Jethro Tull should be way up there.
Pat, Pickering

What about the WHO, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Rolling Stones, YES, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd etc. All great live acts that should have been included, I could go on. In fact I will. What about the Sex Pistols for their part in forming UK music history, what about DEVO, the first real punk band, The Stranglers, Ramones, etc. New wave bands such as Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet effected the 80's and dare I add Wham - ok I might just because of their prominence on the younger generation. Ok, so Madonna was a successful artist in the 80's/90's but how many bands/singers used her for their inspiration? Not many, I would have thought. Elvis has to be there and so do the Beatles but they could have been more detailed when making their judgements.
Rob Bain, Salisbury, England

Only two bands made seismic shifts in music in the last half century - the Beatles and the Sex Pistols. Madonna - you must be joking!
Alan, Reading UK

I agree with the above, i.e. Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Black Sabbath, as well as The Beatles. But haven't we also forgotten The Sex Pistols, who changed the music scene overnight in 1976...
Tim, UK

No one comes close to the Beatles.
Tommy, Birmingham al

Pink Floyd should have prime place.
Joe, Lewes, east Sussex

Are you kidding me? Madonna and U2! What about The Sex Pistols or Bob Dylan? I don't think anybody could claim that Madonna and U2 had more of an influence on the UK music scene than these two artists. The Sex Pistols were a true landmark in the history of music. This is a band that changed the face of the UK music industry and the ripples are still being felt nearly 30 years later.
Lee Payne, Liverpool

I'm very glad to see Madonna included in this initial list, as her massive influence in popular music often goes unrecognised, especially by those rock music 'snobs' who refuse to acknowledge Madonna as anything other than manufactured pop trash. Of course artists such as The Smiths and Queen deserve a place, and I'm sure that the public will vote them in, but for an introduction I think that the 5 artists chosen represent a balanced view of British popular musical influences.
David O'Bryan, London

Where are Pink Floyd? How many weeks did Dark Side of the Moon Stay in the Top 100? Last count it was 1,285 by December 2001. PUT FLOYD IN THE HALL!
Mark, Newry, NI

Obviously its only a POP music hall of fame otherwise it would include people / bands such as Cream, Eric Clapton, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motorhead etc etc.
Jon, Leics, UK

Blur deserve to be in the Hall of Fame for their rescuing of the music scene from the 1980's, and because they have changed and progressed the most out of all bands within the last 15 years.
Paul, London, UK

Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, David Bowie.
John Allen, Kingston, Ontario Canada

The Animals are an obvious choice for the 1960s.
Danny Lawrence, Nottingham, UK

Laughable that the 'UK' Music Hall of Fame only lists one British act!
Paul, London

Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones should be included with no questions asked. They defined a sound, a generation and sold millions off records world wide.
Sergio Duran, London, UK

Where are the Sex Pistols?!! They had the biggest influence on the music industry ever. Spawning a hundred independent record labels and encouraging thousands of kids to give the music business a try.
Walker, London

It is typical of the self denigration attitude prevalent in this country that we only have one British group in the "UK" hall of fame. There have been many brilliant cutting edge groups over the years creating new genres and yet they are not deemed worthy enough for entry. It should be renamed the US Music Hall of Fame!
Terry Emerson, London, UK

What about The Who and the Rolling Stones? You can't leave out Led Zeppelin! Marc Bolan should be in there, as should The Smiths! Ah, The Kinks!! There's so many great British bands that have influenced music the world over. I just hope this Hall of Fame doesn't become a joke by adding acts like Robbie Williams who do little for music.
Andrew, Edinburgh, Scotland

QUEEN!!! Freddie Mercury a lyrical genius and probably the greatest live front man....
Onkar, Wolverhampton

Sex Pistols had a 'small' thing going there in the 70's. Also, Pink Floyd, and Queen should definitely be on there!
AnDeH., London, England

No 50s British blues = No Rock Music = No Punk = No U2!
Al Barnes, Essex

What's the point of a UK Hall of Fame if it's stuffed full of Americans? What on earth differentiates it from any other Hall of Fame? Where are the quintessentially English artists? Few British artists have had more influence than Kate Bush over the last 20 years. Where's the late Kirsty MacColl? No Morrissey? No Sex Pistols? No, because they've decided to count chart weeks rather than influence. A triumph of hype over substance. What a farce.
Steve, Coventry

Depeche Mode. Pioneers in electronic music for the last 20 years.
Steve, Swindon, UK

Madonna and U2 ahead of Bob Dylan and the Stones?? The world has gone entirely mad. Madge has based an entire career on canny changes of image - all very laudable, but she has done nothing to begin to match his Bobness at his peak, who has depth and lyricism in spades to her glib pop culture. And no-one is going to tell me U2 rank over Mick'n'Keef. Where are U2's efforts that are superior to Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Exile, Sticky Fingers...? Nowhere, I think you'll find. An exasperating choice. And don't get me started on Otis Redding and/or James Brown ahead of Bob Marley...
James Tringham, Eastbourne, UK

What about Sir Elton? If you have the Beatles, who were around less than a decade, then Sir Elton has been around for four decades now, and is still recording. John Lennon and Sir Paul were/are both fans - John Lennon's last ever stage appearance was with Sir Elton in 1974 at New York's Madison Square Garden.
Sam, London, UK

What, no Wonderstuff, PWEI, Big Country and Teenage Fanclub? This list is as relative as a sister-in-law - i.e. only vaguely!
Paul Wooding, West Bromwich, England

Madonna and U2 above the Stones, Sabbath and the Who? No way! It looks all a bit PC to me. Bring on the C4 vote!
Dan, Bradford, Yorkshire

What about the greatest rock band of all time- Led Zeppelin? No hype, no singles, no videos, but they produced the most powerful and diverse music ever heard. The Beatles were a pop band with a clever producer.
Andrew Sessford, Stirling, Scotland

The list of missing British talent is endless. All I can think that has happened is that the piece of paper with the correct list has got lost!!
John Pheasant, Nottingham, UK

Its always the same, Beatles this, Beatles that.... Sure they made an impression, but rock and roll is about being LIVE! The Beatles were a studio band.... Get your Ya Ya's OUT and bring on the Stones!
Max Allen, Hersham

Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones, crikey, even Cliff Richard all deserve a better placing than Madonna.
Mark Coates, York, England

How on earth can a hall of fame have U2 and Madonna, but not the Stones??
Paul, Bracknell, England

Queen - don't need to say any more!
Mark Williams, Wellington, UK

Queen should definitely be in there! Bohemian Rhapsody changed the way the pop video was approached by the industry, and the fact that a 6 minute song was played in full on the radio in 1975 has to count for something. In addition, they stole the show at Live Aid. Considering the acts on the bill that day, that was no mean feat! Everyone will know at least one Queen song - just as everyone will know at least one Beatles song.
Brenda, UK

The bands that are to be recognised should truly represent the evolution of popular music. As the UK has been the leader in innovative thinking and invention, and recognised as such around the planet, there should be more home-grown talent in there. David Bowie for one is conspicuous by his absence, and what about huge contributions from bands like The Smiths and artists like Elton John?
Kenny Burnett, Deal, UK

Eric Clapton - no question! With out him the list is totally valueless......
Colin Ive, Yateley, England

Without a doubt, there have been many excellent British bands throughout the decades. However, I think that it is justified that the Beatles take precedence in being first in the new Music Hall of Fame as Lennon and McCartney are undoubtedly the best singer-songwriters that Britain has produced.
John Owens, Glasgow

No Queen???
Brad, London, UK

How about the Bee Gees, they have written some brilliant songs, especially the latest albums, Still Waters being the best.
Liz Smith, Corringham, England

Has everybody forgotten The Police or The Clash? Didn't the Police fill Shea Stadium, just like the Beatles did?
David Gamble, Chester

Two words, one great performer... David Bowie?
Mike Griffiths, Cardiff, UK

Can't believe that only the Beatles are in there, There are two Massive omissions. 1 - Black Sabbath, the inventors of heavy metal. They are utterly utterly overlooked outside of hard rock circles.... 2 - The Kinks. The songwriting talents of Ray Davies set the world on fire with his considered lyrics. The whole US garage (60s) scene used the Kinks as a template, and it's greatly considered that "I'm not like everybody else" is the template for all the punk angst of the early 70's US, & mid 70's UK... Terrible terrible omissions...
Iain Ferguson, Bristol UK

Oh come on! Are they living on a different planet? The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd have to be in there alongside the Beatles, way before U2 or Madonna, and Elvis who?
John, London, UK

Madonna comes before Abba?? Are you kidding???
Bren, Scotland

Surely Radiohead are one of the most influential bands of the last decade. Not one who are afraid to experiment and in doing so, in my opinion, creating one of the best albums made, Kid A. They are truly unique and creative in their abilities and hopefully will continue to be an influence on music in the future.
Ian Huntington, Norwich

The Pistols and Stone Roses.
Mike, Ascot, UK

How unimaginative and predictable these nominations are - except for Bob Marley. The Beatles' latter work is very good though their early stuff is, lyrically speaking, awful. Elvis was a great performer as opposed to musician. How many of his own songs did he write? U2 and Madonna have great staying power and have done enough variety in the last 20 years to warrant a nomination as opposed to election. I'm not sure they are more deserving than The Kinks, The Stones, Bowie or Led Zeppelin though.
Rob Cooke, Nottingham

Surely, if we are talking about bands, the Shadows should have been included. They were part of the inspiration of many of the bands, Beatles included.
Roger, High Wycombe

Rolling Stones. No Stones = No Punk, no glam, no bad boys of rock. No Stones = No guitar riffs, no big elaborate concerts, no dads doing Jagger impressions when they dance. No Stones = No Brown Sugar, no Satisfaction, no Sympathy. No Stones = No drug busts, no 60's social rebellion, no Altamont. No Stones = No growing old disgracefully, no long lasting high profile bands and a whole chunk of rock/blues/country music not there. No Rolling Stones = a very different British music culture
Oliver Lovat, UK

I can't believe The Sex Pistols aren't on the list. Like The Beatles, they revolutionised not just music but the society we lived in and their influence, good and bad, can be felt all around us in everything from fashion, the media and even people's attitudes. No way should U2 be on the list if the Pistols aren't; without the Pistols there would have been no U2.
Andrew Whiteside, London

I am astonished that they only have the Beatles from the UK. Are they seriously putting Madonna before UK bands such as Pink Floyd, Cream, Queen, John Mayall... I guess this is yet another series to ignore. It seems to be on a par with 101 greatest Cumbrian lampposts and other fine works of art. ;-)
Paul Hopper, UK

The Beatles, brilliant, but is that it? What about Floyd, The Stones, Led Zeppelin? Oh come on. The USA started rock, but Britain MADE rock!!
David Stanford, United Kingdom

What happened to Pink Floyd, The Clash, The Jam, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks and The Stranglers to name but a few? Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was on the billboard charts for many years? Is that not groundbreaking and influential?
Daniel Penn, Bradford, UK

Elvis? U2? What about Dylan? Come on guys, Elvis didn't even write his own songs.
Alison, Margate, UK

I think that Queen should be on the list for all time greats. They were very original and their tunes are genius.
Alex, Leics, England

This looks like a pretty fair list to me. I'd probably have added the Rolling Stones to it as well - and I would definitely take U2 out and put The Smiths in instead. The Smiths have proven to be a far more influential and important band in the development of music in the UK over the past 20 years than U2. U2 have just had more commercial success.
Tony, London

How can they possibly have left off Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones, amongst many others? I find the fact that they can put Madonna above these influential artists amazing...
Zoe Foster, London, UK

Led Zeppelin should be on the list for sure. Not only are they the fathers of the heavy metal but they have inspired so many other musicians.
Anthony, Milton Keynes, England

How about the Smiths? Truly groundbreaking music that shook up the 80's music scene. Morrissey's lyrics blended with Marr's music are hard to beat, particularly their early stuff. They influenced many of today's bands including Oasis and Les Ferdinand (sorry, Franz).
Johnny Mac, Pitstone, UK

Cream - Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker - was and is the first and greatest supergroup, displaying creativity and musicianship that has never been equalled. They were just as influential on the heavy side of pop as the Beatles were on the lighter side.
Nigel Brookes, Castleford, Yorkshire

Why not The Clash? Apart from The Beatles, I don't know of a more influential British band!!! I'm amazed that The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, The Sex Pistols or Led Zeppelin were not involved too. How successful do you need to be to be recognised?
Chris Wright, Stevenage, Herts

What about the Rolling Stones? They had a huge influence. The Kinks and Small Faces continue today to influence new British bands. Then in the late seventies the Sex Pistols and the Clash re-defined a very bland era. The Beatles were huge influences, but not the only ones.
Chris, Alton, UK

Moody Blues should be in there!
Les Mowbray, Carrbrook, Stalybridge,

The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Queen, Pink Floyd and Led Zep should also be included. The Beatles were great, but these bands also made a long and lasting mark on the British and world music scene.
Steve Hoar, Manchester, UK

What a strange choice. Without wishing to diminish the obvious success and popularity of the other artists, I can't help feeling that the only ones on that list deserving of the title "greatest contribution to UK music culture" are The Beatles. Most surprising of all is the apparent dearth of influential home-grown talent; have U2 and Madonna really made a bigger contribution than the Stones, The Who or the Sex Pistols? I know that this is largely subjective and everybody has their own ideas about who should be on the list, but I do find the choices a little strange.
Chris, Oxford

How in heaven, hell and all that is in between have they not included Led Zeppelin? Surely the most talented and influential band of all time. Okay, they didn't write songs everybody liked, but the thunder of Bonzo's drumming alongside Page's beautiful guitar work and Plant's banshee like vocals, not to mention the talented Mr Jones! Modern music would be a very very sorry place were it not for the likes of Led Zep, influencing even rap artists like P Diddy (Come With Me sampled Kashmir) as well as the entire rock genre.
Alex, Birmingham, England

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