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DVD review: Shaun of the Dead
By William Gallagher
BBC News Online

Shaun of the Dead

Spaced's Simon Pegg stars (and also co-writes) this comedy horror film about the undead: a deliberately daft romp through zombie cliches.

Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead mixes horror, comedy and romance
It's a clever, simple idea that just bursts with great gags. At 95 minutes it's also not so long that it feels stretched or outstays its welcome.

And once you've watched those 95 minutes, watch them again and again: the DVD is replete with commentaries.

The extras are good and all have the same mocking air as the film, as they dissect the making of the story.

One feature admits to some of the big plot-holes, another shows the first thoughts that led to the film. It's almost too much information to handle.

Shaun of the Dead was released on 6 September, priced 19.99.

Murder One

Murder One
Murder One stars Stanley Tucci and Anthony LaPaglia
Before there was 24, there was 23. This is the famous and excellent drama series that told one story over the whole season of 23 episodes.

The engrossing Murder One follows its case throughout the trial from opening statements to final judgement.

That should feel quite daunting - it's really a 23-part film.

Yet it scoops you in quickly and there's so much rich story going on that it's at the very, very least as absorbing as 24 has since become.

There are audio commentaries on two of the episodes plus a short but interesting Making Of featurette.

Murder One was released on 6 September, priced 39.99.


These two releases are of each show's third season and with this we are now level with America, which seems to have slowed down bringing these out.

Frasier was a spin-off from Cheers
The reason to buy them is really the quality of the episodes - 24 on Frasier, 25 on Cheers - which are still funny so many years later.

Neither set has wonderful picture quality but Cheers is at least a lot better here than it has been on Channel 4.

There also aren't many extras but what we get is generally good.

Too many little featurettes are nothing but clips from the same episodes you've just watched, but then each set has at least one more substantial piece.

The Cheers one is best: it's a moving feature about star Nicolas Colasanto, who died during the making of this third season.

Frasier and Cheers series three were released on 6 September, priced 34.99 each.

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