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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 April, 2004, 10:59 GMT 11:59 UK
Vaughan takes over Capital show
Johnny Vaughan
Vaughan was told to "play nicely" by a five-year-old interviewee
Former Big Breakfast presenter Johnny Vaughan has begun his new role as Capital FM's breakfast show host.

He took over on Monday after host Chris Tarrant left the show after 17 years.

Before the show Vaughan said: "I'm really excited and I can't wait to get cracking. I'm under no pressure - I don't really get nervous."

The breakfast show currently attracts more than two million listeners every morning. The show is in a ratings battle with London rival Heart.

Vaughan, 37, previously appeared in the poorly-received sitcom 'Orrible on BBC Three and a talk show for the same channel, which also met with disappointing ratings.

The new breakfast show differed little from Tarrant's formula on its first day.

Chris Tarrant
Chris Tarrant is spending more time on his TV commitments
The music policy did not stray from Top 40 pop and classic hits, although Vaughan injected some racy humour into the show that harked back to the days hosting Channel 4's Big Breakfast.

He also compared himself to "loads of London's little 'uns" starting their first day of school after the Easter holiday break.

After playing the song Naughty Girl by Beyonce, Vaughan said he would like to be "crushed" between the Destiny's Child star's thighs if he could choose the manner of his own execution.

The host - who frequently called Beyonce "naughty" in a husky, suggestive voice - admitted some of his humour was probably not in keeping with the breakfast show.

And he made lots of references to the show being his "first day" and seemed to be downplaying his talents in the wake of the veteran Tarrant.

Ratings battle

A five-year-old interviewed by the host said he should "play nicely" and "do what the boss tells you to" on his first day.

Vaughan was joined on the show by Tarrant's former sidekick, Becky Jago.

Tarrant left the breakfast show to devote more time to his production company and presenting the ITV quiz Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Capital, which has traditionally had the highest-rating breakfast show in London, is in a battle for supremacy with Heart 106.2, whose show is presented by Australian broadcaster Jono Coleman.

What did you think of Johnny Vaughan's first day? Is he a worthy successor to Chris Tarrant? Send us your views.

Johnny is so witty and I loved listening to him on his first morning. Only problem is I think I need a t-shirt or badge made up saying "It's OK I'm listening to Capital" as people think I'm mad as giggling away on the train!
Sally Gibson, Bromley, Kent

Not bad for a first show, but I hope there's more to come when he settles in. Kept getting confused with the team. So many new voices in one go, and trying to work out who was who was hard. Perhaps a few too many people? Matt
Matt, Sth Woodham, Essex

I am very impressed by his show and I feel it is by far the best in London. Firstly, I can understand what he's saying unlike Bam Bam! It was not over the top like most stations. Also, it beats Heart by a long way as he made me laugh, played uplifting music and was very clever. My dial's now firmly on 95.8 FM! Thanks for making my morning!
John Andrews, London, UK

Johnny was brill! With his naughty sense of humour, it certainly woke me up with a smile this morning.
Deborah, London

I listened to it out of interest on Sky Digital and thought it was excellent! Was certainly far more entertaining than our local offerings.
Dan, Truro, UK

Well done Johnny! A fantastic start, so great I couldn't turn off the radio and missed my train! Can't wait until tomorrow.
Veronica, London

Johnny Vaughn - WHATEVER! Load of nonsense, Jono and Harriette are much better. Sorry mate!
Sarah Leicester, Edgware, London

A very promising start - especially dry sense of humour and boundless energy - he is destined to bring new listeners to Capital.
Vik Mistry, London

I thought Johnny and the breakfast crew were excellent!! And I will always be listening to Capital!
Leon Taylor, London

I listened to a bit this morning, then went on to the website and they had some of the bits I missed. I thought he was pretty good - especially as it was his first show. He made me laugh which I assume is the main objective. Good site too - loved the Desktop Johnny!
Michael Brooks, South Woodford, London

I thought Johnny was very good this morning considering it was his first day. He must have been a bit nervous becuase he stumbled a little bit at the beginning but his humour is excellent. He talks a little bit fast but I like the way he calls the team "the guys" and I think he will settle down very well soon.
Emma Rackley, Shepperton MIddlesex

I listened from 6.15 this morning till the end of the show at 9. Johnny was great and the show certainly seems full of promise for the future. Johnny seems to have a rapport with the team already and I for one am looking forward to tomorrow morning.
Anne Opute, London,UK

Fantastic. It turned my Monday morning right around and cheered me up completely. Johnny Vaughan was very funny and cracked me up.
Michael Curran, London, UK

While Vaughan remains a funny guy, I feel Capital missed a trick in not bringing Kiss 100's Bam Bam to the station. His breakfast show is by far the wittiest around and will keep me tuned to 100 rather than 95.8.
Colin Cassell, Banstead, Surrey

I've been a Kiss 100 listener for three years on the commute now, but having been a fan of Vaughan's Big Breakfast years I decided to give him a go. I found myself flicking to Kiss in the ad break, only to switch back to Capital as Vaughan was wittier and more refreshing than Bam-Bam. My dial's set to 95.8 Capital FM tomorrow.
Ben, Beckenham, Kent

I thought it would be a hard act to follow but Johnny did very well. Very funny.
Jane Dunn, London

Johnny Vaughan remains the cool, funny and cheeky chappy we grew to love on the Big Breakfast. I have been a Kiss 100FM listener for the past three years, however Johnny will definitely lure me back to Capital every morning on my way to work.
Jason McLean, Hampton, London

I thought he was really, really good. Made me laugh out loud several times, which is just what I need at that time of day. A few things need ironing out - not sure all of his features work, but he's funny and brings a new dimension. Will definitely listen again. Well done Mr V!
Christian, London

Oh Johnny, why Capital? Always thought he's a witty and intelligent breakfast presenter who can actually talk on mainstream radio without it hav-ing to be wr-itt-en do-wn. Shame about the normal Capital recipe of rubbish Music and continuous high-energy, over-the-top traffic/news/jingles (some reminded me of The Day Today). Back to the Candyman tomorrow, for me
Ian, London, UK

I agree with Ian. Great presenter, shame about the station. Johnny was great, and at points had me laughing out loud but the playlist music is the same stuff we hear churned out all the time. The jingles are too awful and let's face it, the co-presenter is Denise Van Outen, the two have no chemistry and she has nothing to say.
Skylar, London, UK

I thought it was FAB!! but then I'm biased... bj
Becky Jago, London

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