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Last Updated: Friday, 16 April, 2004, 16:00 GMT 17:00 UK
Kill Bill Vol 1 'sells 2m on DVD'
 Kill Bill
Kill Bill's first instalment split the critics
Kill Bill Vol 1, the Quentin Tarantino revenge thriller starring Uma Thurman, reportedly sold more than two million DVDs in its first day on US release.

The figure was revealed by Miramax studio executives to the Hollywood Reporter industry newspaper.

The studio called Kill Bill an "extraordinary" achievement, although the first part divided critics on its cinema release last year.

The sequel to the film, Kill Bill Vol 2, opens in US cinemas on Friday.

US critics have been largely upbeat in their reviews of the second instalment.

It is more of the same - with ultra-violence, parody and at times laughable dialogue

The BBC's Tom Brook said it was "like a stunning painting where the artist has created some wow super cool moments".

"But it's painted with a brush dripping with elements borrowed from past movies . It represents more of a collage than meaningful fantasy," he said.

"Many would argue that it represents Tarantino back on track - but beware its underpinnings aren't that worldly.

"It's what you would expect from the feverish imagination of an adolescent mind deeply influenced by the mix of images to hand at the video store where he once worked."

What Quentin Tarantino started with a wham he finishes with a bang
Todd McCarthy
Variety magazine
In Variety magazine, Todd McCarthy described it as "a tasty and elegant conclusion to the film-maker's serving of deep-dish cinephilia".

"What Quentin Tarantino started with a wham he finishes with a bang," he wrote.

"Less spectacular than Vol 1, the second half may not match the biz of the first instalment, but as a whole is a personal reverie that generates a trance-like dramatic power of its own."

New York Times reviewer Elvis Mitchell called it "the most voluptuous comic-book movie ever made".

You'll thrill to the action, savour the tasty dialogue and laugh like bloody hell
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone magazine
Christy Lemire, reviewing it for US news agency Associated Press, wrote that "if (Volume 1) was like a roundhouse kick to the head, (Volume 2) is practically a warm hug".

And Rolling Stone magazine's Peter Travers wrote: " You'll thrill to the action, savour the tasty dialogue and laugh like bloody hell."

This week, Tarantino appeared as a guest judge on American Idol, the British-made reality talent search series that has been a huge hit on US TV.

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