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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 September, 2004, 16:20 GMT 17:20 UK
Ono brings 'naked' show to London
Yoko Ono
Ono aims to make her appearance "an event people will remember"
Experimental artist Yoko Ono is set to recreate one of her best-known works 40 years after its debut, as part of a London exhibition.

She will recreate Cut Piece, renamed Whisper Piece, as part of Tate Britain's Art and the 60s season.

The original 1964 "happening" involved Ono having clothing cut from her body by the audience until she was naked.

Ono, the widow of Beatles star John Lennon, will appear at the gallery on 15 September.

'Subversive lecture'

Her spokesman told The Independent on Sunday: "Yoko makes each lecture an event people will remember.

"It would be easy for her to sit and talk about her life and art, but she is interested in something that involves the audience more and subverts the nature of an artist's lecture."

The original Cut Piece is regarded as one of most outrageous conceptual art performances, and has been widely copied by other artists.

The 71-year-old recreated the work in Paris last year in an effort to promote world peace, but left the stage in her underwear.

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