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Last Updated: Friday, 27 August, 2004, 16:20 GMT 17:20 UK
Ritchie's 'dangerous' car ad axed
Guy Ritchie
Ritchie directed the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
A US car advert directed by Guy Ritchie has been axed after complaints that it encouraged dangerous driving.

The advert for a Corvette showed an under-age boy driving at high speed in the sky and through a large pipe.

Seven safety groups complained about the advert: "Promoting illegal and risky behaviour... is egregious corporate behaviour," said one.

General Motors spokesman Joe Jacuzzi said the advert was never intended to depict a real-life situation.

"The intention right off the bat was to capture a boy's aspiration of driving a Corvette in a very exaggerated way," he said.


Noreen Pratscher of General Motors Chevrolet Communications said the advert had received positive as well as negative feedback.

"It was completely unrealistic," she told BBC News Online.

The advert, called 'A Boy's Dream', accompanied by Rolling Stones' song Jumpin' Jack Flash, was played during breaks in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

"It is doubtful that General Motors would condone the beer industry showing a 'dream sequence' of 10-year-old children having an after-school 'kegger'," campaigners said.

A spokesman for Ritchie was not available.

Legal action

Ritchie and his wife Madonna are currently facing legal action over claims the couple stole the idea for their 2002 film Swept Away.

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio says he pitched the idea to the pair in 1997 - but they cut him out of the credits. The couple say he has no proof of a contract.

The legal action began in October 2002, but the case has been subject to delays.

Swept Away, a remake of a 1975 Italian comedy, proved a flop at the US box office when it was released in 2002.

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