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Last Updated: Friday, 2 April, 2004, 13:03 GMT 14:03 UK
Interview: Jowell welcomes Grade
Tessa Jowell
Jowell said Mr Grade was an "extraordinary leader" with "vision"
Culture secretary Tessa Jowell has told the BBC why she thinks Michael Grade is the right man to lead the BBC.

Here is a transcript of her interview on the BBC's One O'Clock News on Friday.

I'm absolutely delighted we've been able to announce Michael Grade's appointment today. He is a strong, independent and colourful character, well fitted to lead a strong and colourful BBC - one of the greatest creative forces in our county.

There will always be times of tension and times of quiet in the relationship between the government and the BBC. Always have been, there will be in the future.

The important thing now is that Michael has the authority and the ability and the confidence to lead the BBC out of what has undoubtedly been a difficult time.

Michael and I have worked very closely together over the last year since he's been the chairman of Camelot.

He is a quite extraordinary leader, he has great vision, great certainty and the great capacity to inspire people with this idea and his vision.

I am absolutely certain he is the right person to lead the BBC now, to lead the BBC through the process of charter review.

The outcome of charter review, a process that has already started, will be a strong BBC and a BBC that is independent of government.


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