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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 March, 2004, 17:31 GMT 18:31 UK
DVD review: Matrix Revolutions
By William Gallagher
BBC News Online

The conclusion to the Matrix trilogy of films was released in 2003, and is coming to the UK on DVD.

Keanu Reeves in Matrix Revolutions
Matrix Revolutions gets a new lease of life on DVD

Even the fans have to stop to think whether Matrix Revolutions comes after or before Matrix Reloaded and nobody else cares that much anyway.

But very often, a film gets a new lease of life on DVD and people come to reassess its brilliance.

Not often enough, though. Keanu Reeves walks stone-faced through another mess of effects - and that's your plot and about all you get in characters too.

That said, the extras are very good and too numerous to even start counting.

They're all about the special effects, though, and so can feel a bit repetitive. The highlight is perhaps a piece about the "bullet time" shots.

Young Adam

This is a shifting, quite mesmerising thriller that's stylised yet throbs with character and mood and threat.

Ewan McGregor in Young Adam
Ewan McGregor stars in mesmerising thriller Young Adam

Ewan McGregor plays Joe, picking up work and women as he drifts around. On a barge job, he finds a dead body floating in the canal.

With the police called in, Joe has to stick around longer than he would like and the tensions build up around him.

McGregor is excellent, the whole piece is sexually charged and it's filmed in a deceptively low-key beautiful way.

The extras include a typical mix of Making Of features but also a 50-minute selection of David Byrne's score.

Homicide: Life On The Streets

Region 1 only - you have to import this and be sure that your DVD player can handle US discs. But if that sounds like too much trouble, it isn't.

Not for this. The Hallmark Channel is currently screening this fourth season so you can dip a toe into it before spending quite a lot of money.

But sooner or later, you will. Homicide is how all police dramas should be and season four contains 22 episodes.

The extras are good but few - the best is a commentary on one episode.

But then there's also an interview with the makers and a not-very-interesting list of the songs used in this run.

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