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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 August, 2004, 14:07 GMT 15:07 UK
Napster launches download chart
Napster relaunched after its enforced closure
Online music pioneer Napster is to launch a download chart compiling the most popular tracks being bought from its service in the UK.

The top 20 chart will be broadcast on Virgin Radio from 29 August.

It will launch just days before the Official Charts Company (OCC) introduces its own download chart, to be broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

Napster said it will be involved with the OCC chart, which will collate data from a host of online music services.

The Napster Online Music Chart will count down the top 20 tunes based on sales as well as songs that have been streamed (listened to online but not bought for permanent download) in a show that goes out Sundays at 7pm.

Napster carved out its reputation as a website where people could swap music without paying for it, leading the way for many other sites of a similar nature to start up.

But such was the huge amount of interest in it that it soon came to the attention of record companies which started legal proceedings.

Brand name

After its enforced enclosure it relaunched as a legal download service.

Although it was launched into a crowded marketplace, with sites such as iTunes and mycokemusic, offering similar services.

But such was the strength of its brand name that it has once again become one of the most popular sites for users.

Despite the music industry's attempts to persuade people not to use illegal peer-to-peer websites there is still a strong market in illegal downloads.

The OCC chart will begin on 1 September and will indicate what people are listening to via their computers rather than what singles people are buying in the declining CD market.

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