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Rapper Rhymes is given probation
Busta Rhymes
Rhymes' record will be cleared if he completes his probation
Rapper Busta Rhymes has been given six months probation in a US court after pleading no contest to a charge that he assaulted a woman during a concert.

Rhymes, real name Trevor A Smith Jr, was told to pay $300 (162) in costs.

The incident happened at a concert in Massachusetts in 2002, when fan Celine Giguere allegedly touched Rhymes' chin.

Rhymes claimed he grabbed her hand and politely asked her not to do it again. A police report said he pushed her head into a table and threatened her.

The report said he used the words: "If you try touching me again, I'll kill you."

If Rhymes successfully completes the probation term, his criminal record will be cleared.

The 31-year-old rapper also filed an assault charge of his own against Giguere, who is from Providence, Rhode Island.

She is scheduled to appear in court on that charge on Wednesday.

Busta Rhymes busted
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