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Store boycotts de Burgh records
Chris de Burgh
HMV said they hope to be able to stock de Burgh's future albums
Music giants HMV have pulled Chris de Burgh's CDs off their UK shelves in a row over a rival's exclusivity deal.

Woolworths have been given exclusive rights by de Burgh's Ferryman Productions company to sell his new album The Road to Freedom.

The Rolling Stones' management company and the Best Buy chain in Canada struck a similar deal last year.

As a result, all Stones related products were taken off HMV's shelves for several months in protest.

A spokesman for HMV called the de Burgh album deal "worrying" and said the action was likely to continue until they were allowed to stock the singer's new album and future albums.

'Reluctant' decision

HMV Europe's product director Steve Gallant said: "We are both surprised and sorry that Chris de Burgh's management do not consider a music specialist like HMV to be an appropriate outlet for his new album.

"We would very much like to support this artist, as we have done for many years in the past, but it is difficult for us to do this when his management appear to have so little faith in our ability to sell and merchandise his albums.

"This is a decision that we've taken reluctantly, but there is an important principle at stake.

"We hope, however, that HMV will be given an opportunity to sell any new releases by this artist in future."

Ferryman Productions are yet to comment on the deal and HMV's response.

Last year, three Canadian music chains pulled Rolling Stones CDs, DVDs and other items from their shelves after the band signed a deal to market a DVD through electronics stores.

HMV Canada said the move could have cost up to C$1m (450,000), but that it was taking a stand against "retail exclusives".

Canadian stores boycott Stones
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