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Plaque commemorates US poet Pound
Mary de Rachewiltz
Pound's daughter Mary de Rachewiltz was at the ceremony
US poet Ezra Pound has been honoured with a blue plaque outside the London house he lived in between 1909-1914.

English Heritage, which awards the plaques, originally turned down a request for him to be commemorated believing his views too controversial.

He had been arrested in 1945 in Italy on suspicion of treason against the US for broadcasting fascist propaganda.

The plaque was unveiled in Kensington Church Walk by his 72-year-old daughter Mary de Rachewiltz.

Pound spent 12 years in a mental hospital after his acquittal for treason by US authorities.

He eventually returned to Italy where he died in 1972.

Ms de Rachewiltz said: "My father has been subjected to much criticism and misunderstanding. He always stood in his belief that justice is for everyone, that God loves all men and no one should be excluded.

'Dispassionate view'

Ms de Rachewiltz was accompanied at the ceremony by TS Eliot's widow Valerie.

Pound had worked with Eliot editing his piece the Wasteland, which Eliot dedicated to him.

Credited with changing the course of 20th Century poetry, he also worked with Irish writers James Joyce and WB Yeats.

He founded Imagism, which derived its technique from classical Chinese and Japanese poetry, stressing clarity, precision and economy of language, and foregoing traditional rhyme and meter.

An English Heritage spokeswoman said: "Ezra Pound's nomination was first considered in 1988.

"His politics were controversial and the committee decided it was too soon after his death to take a dispassionate view.

"This time the committee decided his poetry and artistic achievements were of such significance that they were willing to overlook his politics."

Plaque for sculptor Henry Moore
19 May 04  |  London


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