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Last Updated: Friday, 19 March, 2004, 11:15 GMT
Germany combats movie pirates
Selection of discs
The German anti-piracy drive has been welcomed by the film industry
German authorities have launched the world's largest operation against film and computer games piracy.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft radided more than 750 locations across the country between 16-18 March.

The raids in Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Bremen, Cologne and the Ruhr region follow two years of investigation by the organisation.

The operation is directed against groups believed to have pirated films such as The Return Of The King.


Investigators say they seized 19 servers, 40,000 CD-Rs and DVD-Rs and more than 200 PCs during this week's series of raids.

Around 15 people were detained for questioning in connection with the finds.

Global film industry body the Motion Picture Association welcomed the development.

Vice president Mara MacGreevy said the achievements of the German authorities were "truly outstanding and deal a major blow against piracy in Germany".

"It is also an indication that the authorities are taking the issue of digital piracy very seriously," she added.

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