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McCartney eclipses rivals' wealth
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney's fortune swamps that of other stars
Sir Paul McCartney's wealth is bigger than the combined fortunes of Sir Elton John, Sir Mick Jagger and Madonna, a list of the UK's richest stars reveals.

His estimated bank balance of 725m puts him top the Mail on Sunday's Rich Report 2004 for musicians.

Sir Sean Connery leads the field of male actors, with his 66m fortune beating that of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

And comedian Tracey Ullman, who lives in the US, is reportedly richer than Catherine Zeta Jones and Anne Robinson.

Women are really under-represented in the list as a whole
Rachel Oldroyd
Mail on Sunday Rich Report editor
She is the richest woman on the list. Part of her wealth can be attributed to her stake in The Simpsons, which started life on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987.

Robinson is the second richest female, amassing much of her fortune through quiz show The Weakest Link.

"Women are really under-represented in the list as a whole because it takes decades to accumulate such wealth," said Rich Report editor Rachel Oldroyd.

Wise investments

"But they are starting to make huge fortunes in television and showbiz where success is rewarded much faster."

Brains as well as beauty were required, she said. "Wise investment and shrewd merchandising deals have helped to boost showbusiness earnings."

Sir Paul McCartney's ever-growing fortune has been boosted by a sell-out world tour and continuing royalties from Beatles hits, as well as the release of the reworked Let it Be album.

Ozzy Osbourne is also named in the top 10 list of male stars, while wife Sharon rubs shoulders with the richest females.

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