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Past Jackson accusers speak out
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson settled out of court with Jordan Chandler
The uncle of a boy who alleged Michael Jackson had molested him a decade ago has spoken exclusively to BBC Three.

Ray Chandler, the uncle of Jordan Chandler, said the family had received death threats and felt under "seige".

"They started coming in by the dozens a day - there was the time when someone left a rat with its head cut off in a shoe box at the front door," he said.

Mr Jackson denied the allegations, and settled with Chandler's family out of court for a reported $20m (12.7m).

Mr Chandler told the programme, The Boy That Michael Jackson Paid Off: "My nephew went to roller blade in the public parking lot that was behind the house and someone in a van just came right at him.


"It seemed pretty clear that someone was trying to run him down."

He added: "Everybody was armed - not that we walked about with guns in our belts inside the house - but my brother and I never went outside the house without them."

"Mentally, emotionally and physically, it was a siege," he said.

Since the allegations 10 years ago, Jordan Chandler - now 23 - has kept a low profile.

Michael Jackson
The next court hearing in Mr Jackson's case is due in April
The documentary, The Boy That Michael Jackson Paid Off, comes as the pop star faces trial over fresh allegations of child abuse.

Mr Jackson denies seven counts of child molestation. He faces up to 24 years in jail if found guilty of molesting the current accuser.

Meanwhile, a large collection of memorabilia belonging to Mr Jackson's family has been sold to a foreign collector after a long legal battle, with the pop singer reportedly trying to buy it back.

Henry Vaccaro Sr, who owned the items, said it was the largest collection of Jackson memorabilia ever seen.

He was awarded the haul after the Jackson family defaulted on $1.4m (765,000) they owed him.

The Jackson family had reportedly been collecting the material - which included gold record, sketches, photographs and costumes - for a planned chain of Jackson-themed restaurants.

Owed money

But it also includes sensitive documents, including details of Michael's brother Tito's divorce, and sketches of proposed cosmetic surgery for Michael.

Mr Vaccaro, 63, told US TV news network CNN that the Jacksons owed him money after buying out his business, the Kramer Guitar Company in 1992.

Mr Vaccaro said he had had two independent experts - including one form the auction house Sotheby's - authenticate the collection.

Jackson's spokesman, Brian Oxman, would not comment on the sale.

The Boy That Michael Jackson Paid Off is on BBC Three at 2000 GMT on Sunday.

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