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Return of McCartney's frog chorus
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul is releasing a children's DVD collection
Paul McCartney's infamous children's song accompanied by the singing Frog Chorus is being re-released to mark 20 years since it was first a hit.

We All Stand Together, which reached number three in 1984, is included on his forthcoming single Tropic Island Hum from a new children's cartoon.

Sir Paul is introducing a new animated character, Wirral The Squirrel, as part of a DVD collection out in September.

Sir Paul said such work "keeps me interested in life's possibilities".

"In animation it's good to have a bit of a childlike quality about yourself and that's just something that's in me," he said.

Wirral the Squirrel
Wirral the Squirrel is Sir Paul's latest animated character
"I'm still fascinated by the things that fascinated me as a kid; the passion for adventure, humour or romance."

We All Stand Together, which charted in November 1984, was taken from Sir Paul's Bafta-winning animation Rupert And The Frog Song. It is credited as being by Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus.

Despite its success it has been widely ridiculed in fan surveys and music polls as one of the worst songs of recent years.

Sir Paul did not play it in his critically-acclaimed set at this year's Glastonbury Festival, although fans had requested it in a series of good-natured heckles.

His latest character, Wirral, is described as a "cheeky Scouse nut-muncher" who flees hunters armed with guns for a tropical island paradise. There, he meets his true love, the alluring Wilhelmina.

The squirrel will be the central character in a children's book by Sir Paul next year, and a feature-length Wirral movie will follow.

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