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Frankie reunite for one-off show
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The band gained notoriety when they released their single Relax
Controversial 1980s band Frankie Goes to Hollywood have reunited after 17 years apart thanks to a new TV show on music channel VH1.

The band, whose 1983 hit Relax was banned by the BBC, split acrimoniously in 1987 but were tracked down by the film crew of Bands Reunited.

The show will be broadcast on 2 April at 2200 GMT.

Other former groups to feature in the series include Kajagoogoo, Squeeze, Flock of Seagulls and Berlin.

The one-off performances from each band are due to take place in London or Los Angeles, said VH1.

According to the Frankie Goes to Hollywood official website, bass player Mark O'Toole was the first to be caught off guard when the film crew knocked at his door at home in Florida last September.


O'Toole's home was "invaded by a 12-man film crew at his front door, unannounced, uninvited and a total surprise," said the site.

Drummer Peter "Ped" Gill, guitarist Brian "Nasher" Nash and vocalist Holly Johnson were then tracked down in London.

Vocalist Paul Rutherford proved the hardest to find because he now lives in New Zealand - he was eventually discovered and flown to England for the show's recording.

The site says a reunion beyond the programme is unlikely.

"Will Frankie Goes to Hollywood reunite beyond this show? Not entirely impossible but unlikely as two band members live on different continents from the rest, you never know though."

Kajagoogoo's biggest hit was Too Shy which reached number one in the UK in 1983.

Berlin were best known for their 1986 hit Take My Breath Away from the Top Gun soundtrack.

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