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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 February, 2004, 11:14 GMT
Disney hall glare 'heats homes'
Walt Disney Concert Hall
The Walt Disney Concert Hall opened in October 2003
Glare from Walt Disney's stainless steel concert hall in Los Angeles is heating nearby homes by at least 8C (15F), neighbours have complained.

The $274m (147m) Walt Disney Concert Hall opened in October, with one corner made from reflective steel.

Disney has covered the corner in a synthetic net after complaints from residents in nearby flats.

Architect Frank Gehry's partner Terry Bell said it would now be given "a sort of sandblasted finish".

You would have to literally close the drapes and you'd still feel warmth in the house
Jaqueline Lagrone
Local resident
Resident Jaqueline Lagrone, whose apartment faces the hall, said the problem made her flat very bright and warm.

She said: "You couldn't even see, and then the furniture would get really hot.

"You would have to literally close the drapes and you'd still feel warmth in the house. You would have the air conditioning on all the time."

Mr Bell said architects had considered the impact of the shiny steel on neighbouring buildings.

But the curving sheets of metal ended up at a slightly different angle than originally planned.

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