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Review: Sex and the City
By Lucy Crystal in the US

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sex and the City's finale had its customary share of fabulous outfits

If you do not want to know how the final series ends, do not read any further.

Six seasons, four ladies, one city - and a lot of sex.

The show that made Manolos a must-have reached its final episode, which aired in the US on Sunday night.

It was as if the world developed a love affair with Sex and the City.

As we watched the show's final scene of Carrie walking along a New York street chatting to her boyfriend, John (yes, Big has a first name) it was like the end of an era.

But like so many of their raucous nights out of men and margaritas, it went out with a bang.

We're left safe in the knowledge that Miranda's transition from independent woman to loving mother and wife becomes a permanent step and a large house in Brooklyn.

Charlotte and Harry look set to become parents themselves to an adorable adopted baby girl from China, and former man-eater Samantha recovers from breast cancer and falls head over heels in love with her movie star boyfriend, Smith.

And then there's Carrie.

Her boyfriend Alexander was pouring all his time and energies into his art and leaving her to fend for herself on the poorly paved streets of Paris.

After pining for her friends and the New York skylines and realising that she would never be a priority in his life, Carrie decides to leave the Russian.

And then it happened. Whilst checking out of the Parisian hotel, she finds herself face to face with Big who had flown over to win her heart and hopefully put her on a plane back to Manhattan.

Millions of viewers across America simultaneously sighed with delight and mopped tears off their faces as, over a bridge is moon-lit Paris, Big tells Carrie, with tears in his eyes that she's the one.

The final show was a glorious testament and farewell to the characters we've grown to know and love so well.

How was it for you? Did Sex and the City reach its climax in fitting style? This debate is now closed but please see below for a selection of your views.

The series ended in a good way. Everyone had a happy ending, but not too happy that it seemed unrealistic. It was a satisfying ending for the viewers, but it also acknowledged that the lives of these characters will go on. It also left things open for a movie or a reunion of some sort. I will miss the show but will watch the DVDs and cross my fingers for a movie.
Sarah, Pennsylvania, USA

Ooohhh!! Can't wait to see this but we'll have to wait until March!! Could not resist reading the reviews though, even though it means I know what happens - just could not resist. Best programme, ever.
Susan, England

Sex And The City is indeed one of the greatest achievements that America has produced. The most inspiring thing that SITC for me was about, was that being single in New York, and being single full stop was an OK thing to do when you're in you're late 30s. I was very happy with the ending of the three characters... all except SJP. If I'm being honest I thought it was abit of a con for Carrie to meet Big, "just by chance" and fall in love again. I was praying for the end to be Carrie, sat at a cafe single, still questioning men & women, the future, and Sex and the City, but being OK with being single, and showing that it doesn't detract from being a woman. Idealistic but sweet.
James, United Kingdom

It ended perfectly. The show, and Carrie and Big, came full circle complete with symbolism and dysfunction while maturing and finding a happy medium. The scene of Big finding Carrie picking up the contents of her purse is the exact same scene from their first meeting. There were no over the top weddings or proclaimations of the impossible. Just likely and very real events that could have continued the series or ended it quite nicely. Sadly for us, the latter is the case.
Denise, USA

I wasn't overly sad that Sex and the City was coming to an end until viewing the final episode last night on HBO. The honesty of the sexuality and reality of everyday life will be missed. What, I now know, will be missing from my Sunday nights is the longing of having true friendships like the girls had. Friendships that are far too uncommon in today's world.
Brad Hanson, Lakewood (Cleveland), Ohio, USA

As usual, the writing was superb. The performances were great. And yes, Carrie got her Big. As it should be.
Terri, NYC, USA

As the credit were going by I found myself blubbering like a baby. The scene between Miranda and her mother-in-law hit so close to home. I was thrilled that Carrie ended up with Big, back in New York. It's wonderful that Charlotte will be getting a baby (I just became a grandmother a few days ago and my own daughter lives in Paris). I walked those streets in Paris recently. My solution to the problem of no more "Sex" is to buy all of the seasons. This way I can revisit. What I don't want to hear about is all of the pettiness that went on behind the scenes and trying to figure out how Carrie afforded all of the clothing. Who cares - it's fantasy. And so much truth it had my husband hooked. Job well done! Robin
Robin, California, USA

Thank goodness that's all over. Whoever said that this unpleasant, morally offensive, vacuous tripe was something to be applauded and admired? Who cares what these materialistic degenerates get up to? Good riddance - and the airwaves are much cleaner for their absence.
UK viewer, UK

You mean it's finished? At long last? Hooray!
Jay, UK

I thought the ending was a huge disappointment. Big has done nothing but toy with Carrie's emotions and cause her heartbreak. Every time she is happy, he worms his way back in. After six years of showing women that true acceptance must come from yourself and not from a man, seeing Carrie running back to Big is rubbish. "Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me." Shame on you Carrie.
Krista Wilkinson, Bethalto, IL, USA

The image that will remain with me of "our girls" from, actually, the penultimate episode of Sex and the City, takes place in a restaurant with Carrie saying good-bye to her friends before she leaves for Paris. She says she had a thought last night, "What if I had never met you." So simple and stark a statement, followed up with no comment - how classy - Carrie's thought stand on its own and we are charged with thinking it out ourselves. What does it mean? What does it mean to have a presence in our lives - one we count on and love - without which our lives would be entirely different. I thought of my friend from chldhood, now living far away in Wyoming - how would I have known to laugh at myself, to love Elvis over Pat Boone, to say vulgar words out loud and collapse in rich and bubbling giggles. I don't know. I know I would not be the same, and for this, I am grateful, just as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda must be grateful for the joy of travelling through life with not one, but three other kindred souls. I say thank-you for making my gratitude for friends renewed and fresh. That is doing something.
Virginia Snyder, USA

After watching these ladies for the last six years, I cannot help but feel sad but the ending was superb. Thank you for showing me that there's nothing wrong with waiting for what I want and for wanting relationships on my terms. Cospolitan in hand, I wish you all a fond farewell.
Nadya, New Haven, Connecticut USA

What an end to a wonderful season. Hats off to the writers and the cast of Sex and the City who did an amazing job to end the best program on TV. Of course I cried buckets and still can't believe it's over.
Helen, A Brit in The States

First I want to respond to the criticism of last night's show in the Miami Herald...The writer states that the show was clearly fantasy as there is no explanation of how these women, particularly Carrie, pay for Manolos and Cosmos. Fans remember when Carrie and Aidan broke up and she couldn't come up with a down payment for her apartment. She was soon to become the old woman living in her shoes. There are successful women living in NY leading successful lives. These women represent that group. That being said, the episode was everything I needed to be able to say goodbye to my four imaginary friends. I think it was just enough of the fairy tale to remind us all that some dreams come true, even amidst the gritty reality of everday life.
jennifer, USA

I loved the ending. Predictable, but who the hell cares! For six years now, we have been waiting for Carrie to do what most women dream of doing - obtain the unobtainable, tame the untamable, make the most commitment phobic man embrace a relationship. It made women around the world sigh and believe in true love. Who cares if it is a fantasy? That's why we watch television and read trashy romance novels. We want to escape reality and believe in something greater! I loved how everyone's story approached a happier, more stable place.
Catina Scott, USA

The whole series sucked. It was all a disjointed lot of sex scenes for the sake of shock and reckless abandon. A release for the timidly unexperienced to feel wild, free and impowered. May have worked in the eighties but in the nineties and 21st Century it's old hat. And, above all, pretentious. Put it on the shelf next to the ATeam and send more Rebus, The Office and Jonathon Creek.
Josh (former UK resident), USA

In the real world Samantha would die of cancer, Miranda would leave everyone behind consumed by motherhood and family, the rich one would tell Carrie she is mutton dressed as lamb and shallow and Carrie would stroll along the Hudson contemplating suicide as her life and wrinkles taken her the the brink the end, life is hard.
richard, England

End of the line for the self obsessed clothes horses. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Wayne Drudge, Slough

I, for one, wil be immensely happy that this overrated show about four self-absorbed women will finally go off the air...
Steve Warnek, USA

Haven't actually seen the last episode yet but it'll be a shame to see this great series end. It should be compulsory viewing for all blokes as it's basically a guide/bible to understanding women... well older, rich women at least!
James Edwards, United Kingdom

Sex and the City ended just the way it was suppose to. I cannot wait to visit the city again. Thanks for making single living true and thanks for the love and advice.
Jenni Truesdel, North Vernon , USA

It was rubbish. There are far too many American TV shows 'bowing out' at the moment and good ridance I say. The only half decent American programme on UK TV was The A-team and we haven't had any of that for almost 20 years. Come on BBC, buy the old series from ITV and re-run the A-team.
Anna Herrington, London

I think that it was great that the show ended on an up note for everyone. We have all been hoping that Charlotte would get the baby that she has been dreaming of. Miranda, well I wasn't sure what would be done with her - but it was enlihghtening to see her cynicism fade away as she dropped into the "family way". Samantha - well what can one say about this fabulous individual who has lived "her way" no matter what?! How could it get any better except that she found someone who has accepted her for what she is -truly accepted her - and she has let down her guard for real love. That was huge. I am truly happy that Carrie has Big - or does she? Yes he said "you are the one" but the one what? Carrie wants marriage - she wants the knight in white to come and rescue her - is Big doing that or is he once again coming to her at a weak point in his life and hers? What does he really want from her? Does a guy have to say "Will you marry me?" for committment to exist? or can "You are the one?" be enough? Hmm... maybe leaving the door open is the intent.
Trisha, Whitehouse, NJ USA

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