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Last Updated: Friday, 20 February, 2004, 14:33 GMT
Effects prize for Star Wars guru
George Lucas
George Lucas created the Star Wars movies
Star Wars creator George Lucas has been given a special award for his work in movie special effects.

Director James Cameron presented Lucas with the Visual Effects Society's first Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

"If I have peers, this room is full of them. I'm pleased to be here because this is a maturing process for the special effects industry," he said.

Cameron paid tribute to the digital innovations Lucas had brought to film.

They included digital desktop editing, digital cinematography, and digital effects.

Lucas told the audience it was only now those involved in special effects were starting to realise how important they were to the movie industry.

"You're starting to find yourself in the industry, you're starting to congratulate yourself, and you're taking your place as an essential part of the cinematic process," he said.

The awards ceremony also included a computer-generated tribute to Lucas, featuring singing and dancing Toy Story characters.

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