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Cobain 'wanted to quit Nirvana'
Kurt Cobain
Cobain died in 1994
Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain planned to leave the band and join wife Courtney Love's band Hole, according to a previously unseen interview.

"To tell you the truth, I would rather just quit my band and join Hole," Cobain is quoted as saying.

In the interview Cobain, who killed himself in April 1994, says he has more affinity with his wife's band.

The interview, originally intended for French TV, also sees Cobain talking about writing more acoustic music.

Cobain also mentioned his desire to move away from the grunge scene.

"It might be nice to start playing acoustic guitar and be thought of as a singer and a songwriter, rather than a grunge rocker," Uncut magazine is reporting him as saying in the interview.

"I could sit down on a chair and play acoustic guitar like Johnny Cash or something, and it won't be a big joke."

Nirvana's surviving members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, did not have an easy relationship with Love, and they battled with her in court over the band's music and royalties following Cobain's death.

Grohl went on to form the Foo Fighters, while Novoselic has worked on a number of different musical projects.

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