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Bafta film awards: In quotes
Bill Nighy shows his Bafta delight with Scarlett Johansson
Bill Nighy shows his Bafta delight with Scarlett Johansson
Memorable quotes from the 2004 Bafta film awards:

Jude Law
"The Baftas are a great celebration. I feel more relaxed being at home and it's a real boost for the British film industry.

"To win would be wonderful - but the nomination is everything."

Bafta-nominated Cold Mountain director Anthony Minghella
"It's just a great night for the movies that have been nominated."

Presenter Stephen Fry, introducing Emma Thompson
"I know her as an old rat bag with hygiene problems."

Emma Thompson
"The Baftas are very glamorous now. I actually preferred them when they were just a dinner."

Bafta winner Bill Nighy
"You've made an old rocker very happy. I can't wait to tell the band."

Touching the Void producer John Smithson
"We had one hell of a cold mountain but not quite the same budget."

Best actor winner Bill Murray
"Thank you very much. It comes as a huge surprise - too huge I'm afraid."

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson
"We always tried very hard to do Professor Tolkien's book the justice it deserved."

Stephen Fry on film titles with punctuation
"This is a record year for the colon. Already the rights to the colon story has been bought."


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