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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 February, 2004, 14:41 GMT
The Two Ronnies to return to TV
Ronnie Corbett (l) and Ronnie Barker (r)
The Two Ronnies show has barely been on-screen since 1987
The Two Ronnies are returning to the nation's screens after a 17-year absence, the BBC has confirmed.

Ronnie Barker, now 74, and Ronnie Corbett, 73, enjoyed huge success in the 1970s and 80s, attracting 17m viewers at their peak.

After teaming up again for a Bafta tribute show for Barker, screened last week, the pair approached the BBC about resuming their double act.

A BBC spokesman said on Saturday: "A new series has been commissioned."

New sketches

He said: "It was just off the back of the Bafta tribute they did that went out last week. They decided they wanted to work together again.

"The show will feature new sketches interspersed with some of their classic material."

And it's goodnight from me...
Two Ronnies catchphrase

Fans will have to wait a while to hear the famous "goodnight from me..." catchphrase again, however.

The pair have not even started writing new material yet and the spokesman said it was unlikely the show would be ready to air before next year.

The Two Ronnies first teamed up on the BBC in 1966 and their first series was broadcast in 1971, the beginning of a 15-year run.

Their songs and sketches - most famously their spoof news items - won legions of fans.

Last week's Bafta show, which honoured Barker's glittering career and which was hosted by Corbett, attracted more than 7.5m viewers.

What do you remember about the Two Ronnies? Are they right to make a comeback? Do they make you laugh? What do you think?

Send us your comments on the form above:

Of course it is a good thing and right to make a comeback if they are missing the buzz of making people laugh. Their material of old is as good now and they have shown they can still perform and make people laugh recently. This is not harking back to the old days just two people re-forming one of the best double acts of many years. Clever and intelligent comedy is always welcome. I have Ronnie Barkers book of "All he ever wrote". This is one book I will be glad to see out of date soon.
Steve, Leicester, UK

I hope they do the "Fork Handles" sketch again - it was everyone's favourite and I don't think it will seem dated now.
Peter, Japan

The likes of "Phantom Rasberry Blower", "Raiders of the Last Awk",and the Hardware Shop Sketch are in my memory for life. Yes, let the Ronnies make some more, and give us licence fee payers some real value!
Alan, Ipswich UK

I think this "striking while the iron's cold" approach to attempting rejuvination of the TV schedules is a mistake
Mark Boulton, London
I am born and bred UK and as a kid I used to see re-runs time again of the Two Ronnies, with their subtle humour to sharp wit. To say the least I miss it, are they right for a comeback? Of course they are they have plenty of their old audience and I think the new generations will adore them. It will be like putting on a favorite pair of slippers which tickle your feet as you put them on and warm you to your heart when they are in place. But to have them washed and freshened after 17 years absence will be a great joy. To put it clearly you have my vote. Good luck
W Bennett, Manorville, NY 11949, USA

"Fork handles!" Best news I've heard this week: fantastic, can't wait.
Christopher Teague, Wales

No! Please no! This strikes me as another example of forays like The Beatles' "Free As A Bird". You can't recapture magic after all this time, or at least not in the original format. I enjoyed Ronnie Corbett's support within "The Ben Elton Show" back in 1997, and perhaps it would be better to have the Two Ronnies in their double-act appearing as part of another show with more contemporary stars? I'm the first to praise the work Messrs. Barker & Corbett have done, but I think this "striking while the iron's cold" approach to attempting rejuvination of the TV schedules is a mistake.
Mark Boulton, London

I think its fantastic. This is long overdue and for two of the funniest man to re-form will certainly brighten up the televison as they did back in the 80's.
Glyn, Barry, Wales

And about time too! We've missed you. Ronnie Barker worried that one day he would fail to be funny - NO CHANCE.
Vivien Watson, Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales

Their musical sketches were excellent. I remember especially the Nana Muskouri sketch - brilliant.
Margaret Howard, Leicestershire, UK

I am 33 years old and watched the Two Ronnies as a child....they remain to this day my all time favourite comedy duo. I am a huge fan... I would be delighted to see them on our screens again. I often look for DVD collections of the shows they have done so far but to date have never found anything.
Anna lawrie, Ayr, Scotland

Oh deep joy. My sides used to split watching the Two Ronnies. Let's hope that the fond memories aren't eroded by this comeback, which I am sure will be fabulous. Can't wait to return to watch this series; perhaps BBC America could screen this in place of Ground Force or Treasures in Your Attic!
David Harris, Rockwall, Texas, USA

Great stuff, this is what TV needs at the moment. The two Ronnies, is exactly what TV needs for Saturday night. Less of the cheap to produce reality TV shows that degrade the nations IQ with every viewing.
Alex, Liverpool, UK

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