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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 February, 2004, 09:35 GMT
DVD release for Star Wars trilogy
Star Wars
Star Wars fans will be thrilled at the prospect of the DVD set
The original Star Wars trilogy will be released on DVD for the first time in September, Lucasfilm has announced.

Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will be released as a four-disc box set, with bonus footage and improved picture and sound quality.

Lucasfilm executive producer Jim Ward said he hoped the long-awaited DVDs would be "as memorable as seeing the movies for the first time".

The DVDs will be followed by Star Wars: Episode 3, due in cinemas in May 2005.

Everyone has been working overtime to make sure that the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD is an awesome experience
Jim Ward, executive producer
The trilogy will be released on 21 September in the US and Canada, with international release dates "following closely", Lucasfilm said.

The set contains a bonus disc filled with new features, including a feature-length documentary said to be the most comprehensive ever produced about the Star Wars saga.

It also includes previously unseen footage from the making of all three films.

Each film has been digitally restored and re-mastered for superior sound and picture quality.

Star Wars character Yoda
The DVDs promise better picture quality than VHS
The films will only be available as a collection, and the release will be greeted with delight by fans.

They are the most frequently requested films for the DVD format, according to the official Star Wars website.

Executive producer Mr Ward said: "We know how long fans have waited for this release and how much they have been looking forward to it.

"So everyone has been working overtime to make sure that the Star Wars trilogy on DVD is an awesome experience."

Mr Ward said the DVDs would deliver "the very best possible sound and picture and take advantage of everything the medium can offer".

"On top of that, we are creating added-value material that gets inside the creation of the Star Wars films in a fresh and fun way," he said.

Fans were urged to check the official website over coming months for "more specific details".

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