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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 February, 2004, 08:14 GMT
Jungle queen 'is set to earn 2m'
Kerry McFadden
McFadden is poised to make a fortune following her victory
Kerry McFadden could be on the verge of a 2m career boost after winning TV's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!.

The former Atomic Kitten singer has already signed a reputed 200,000 deal to sell her story to Express newspapers brokered by PR guru Max Clifford.

And McFadden, 23, wife of Westlife star Bryan, is being linked to lucrative deals to promote everything from pasta sauce to Simon Cowell's company.

Fellow contestants Jennie Bond and Peter Andre are also tipped for riches.

McFadden's agent told BBC News Online on Tuesday: "The phone hasn't stopped ringing since 0900 this morning.

"We've had loads of offers across the board, but it depends on how much she is prepared to do.

Jennie Bond
Bond may boost her earnings from promoting cosmetics
"She's not back until Thursday and her first priority will be to see her children."

Mr Clifford, who acted as McFadden's PR for the two-week duration of her jungle trip, said: "Kerry could make, if she wished, a couple of million in the next 12 months from advertising, endorsements, TV programmes and presenting.

"If she wanted to take everything offered to her she could make a couple of million, but my instinct is she will only do things she is comfortable with."

And a spokesman for Mr Clifford confirmed that discussions were continuing with Mr Cowell and the Sacla pasta sauce maker.

"Approaches have been made and discussions will be taking place over the next couple of weeks," she told BBC News Online.

"Simon has a TV project that he's working on and Sacla could be a potential advertising commercial as she likes to cook and uses the sauce."

McFadden is not the only winner to emerge from the third series of ITV1's reality jungle contest, which drew enthralled audiences of more than 14 million during the past fortnight.

Peter Andre
Andre's single Mysterious Girl is being re-released
Nine other contestants took part in the show, which pits celebrities against each other as they brave jungle challenges.

Runner-up Jennie Bond, third-placed Peter Andre, Jordan and Lord Brocket are all expected to gain from their exposure in the Australian rainforest.

Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent, has reportedly been offered contracts to endorse cosmetics.

Often seen applying charcoal as a substitute eyeliner during the show, Bond was "considering a number of offers", her agent Sue Ayton said.

"Cosmetics companies have been very interested - they want to know whether it was their products she was using in the jungle and whether it stayed on," she said.

Former pop singer Andre plans to relaunch his pop career as he flies to the UK on Wednesday.

Bushtucker trial
The bushtucker trials could prove lucrative for contestants
BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles has led a successful campaign to get his 1997 hit Mysterious Girl re-released.

Andre told Moyles: "I can't believe it. I hope they change the video because it's a bit old, but that's great that you guys put this idea together.

"When someone told me, I was like, 'what, are you serious?' so that's awesome."

Bookmaker William Hill offered odds of 25/1 on Andre hitting top spot with three possible single releases.

He has contributed to a charity single, Jungle Rock, alongside jungle co-habitees Mike Read and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock.

Model Jordan is also likely to make a fortune. She is already being paid a reported 500,000 to tell her story of what really went on in the camp.

Her appearance on the show will also boost sales of her planned autobiography. She spent some time hinting that the book would contain revelations about flings with a string of celebrities.

John Lydon and Jordan
Jordan, here with John Lydon, is due to release her autobiography
Fellow contestant Lord Brocket, who has spent time in jail for fraud, is considering more than 1m worth of offers, his agent said.

They range from adverts for soap to presenting TV shows on stately homes and becoming an after-dinner speaker.

He has also been offered a Wife Swap-type programme in which he spends a fortnight living in the Bronx.

Publishers are vying for his autobiography, which will include his time in prison and in the jungle.

Appearing on I'm A Celebrity can also lead to lucrative work in the media.

Previous winners, DJ Tony Blackburn and former cricketer Phil Tufnell, had their careers boosted after appearing on the show.

Runner-up Jennie Bond on Radio Five Live
"The whole experience is so surreal"

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