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Have Your Say: I'm a Celebrity
Kerry McFadden
McFadden had been the bookmakers' favourite
Former Atomic Kitten member Kerry McFadden has won the final of ITV1's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

McFadden beat former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond and singer Peter Andre to the top spot.

The show, now in its third series, has had its best ratings yet.

But what is it about I'm A Celebrity which made it such a success? Were you hooked by it - or was it a turn-off?

Your comments:

I loved this show! I hadn't watched any of the previous series but got hooked on this at the beginning. Kerry was great and I am glad she won. But huge amounts of credit go to Peter and Jennie for their bushtucker trials, I was so impressed by their courage (especially Peter when clearly terrified) that I wanted them both to win. I do agree though that it was not necessary to eat live bugs and I would rather that is taken out of future series.
Julie, UK

I have to say that, much to my own amazement and horror, I too found this programme totally compulsive viewing. I agree with the comments that sometimes it is nice to watch trash after a hard day at work and this fitted the bill perfectly. As to those who 'worry' about eating live insects, I am quite sure we all have done so by mistake many times eating fruit and veg, so just calm down. I have my doubts about calling all the contestants celebrities though. Who had ever heard of Alex Best - an ex wife of an ex footballer - before this?
Barbara, Glasgow

A chance to indulge in a little nonsense
Jenny, Halstead, England
I'm sure most people would agree the last few months have been pretty dismal - inquiries, Iraq, people slagging each other off etc, have all dominated the news. A few weeks ago I wondered where all the laughter had gone, there just didn't seem too much of it around anymore. Then 'Celebrity' hit the screens - and it was just the tonic we needed!! It was a welcome break from the 'real' world - a chance to indulge in a little nonsense.
Jenny, Halstead, England

Reality TV? This is about as far removed from reality as you can get. If you want reality on your TV people, turn on the news and see what reality is REALLY like.
Jamie Thompson, Newcastle, UK

Keep the proles happy and keep them uneducated by creating interest in mindless rubbish (newspapers and TV these days anyone?) and keep them occupied with continual warfare (war on terror). Can we not all see that 1984 has become the textbook for modern governments?
Jon Ryan, Winchester, UK

All this technology and people waste it watching this crap. Well when these so called celebrities are plastered over all the newspapers after this show only the viewers are to blame.
Graeme Findlay, Scotland

So many of us can't be wrong to enjoy the programme
Dunk, Bristol

I agree with most people here I guess, although I was completely hooked to the show, eating live creatures was not needed. And for the people who are moaning about what rubbish they watch on TV, the famous old saying springs to mind, if you don't like it, don't watch it! So many of us can't be wrong to enjoy the programme.
Dunk, Bristol

Congratulations to Kerry for being a down to earth kind of girl and winning the title. However I do think Jennie Bond deserves a lot of praise for her three trials and the fact that there was never any back-biting from her. Peter Andre is an utter gentleman and he would be welcome in my house any time.
Patricia, Reading, Berkshire

A friend of mine who has been hooked on this show was in Belgium yesterday and so made me watch it for the first time and text her updates. I haven't come across such compulsive viewing in ages. Respect to that Andre fella. I was scowling in the sofa. And what a star Jennie Bond is. It's easy to see she's royalty. I think what we need now is, 'I'm a Royal Celebrity, Get me out of here' with the whole Royal Family confined to the East Wing of Buck Palace. I vote for Phillip!
Jason, Brighton

The TV equivalent of reading a trashy novel
Lucy, UK
Not everything we watch on TV has to be intellectually challenging. I'm a Celebrity..... is the TV equivalent of reading a trashy novel to unwind.
Lucy, UK

Much as I have loved watching the series, I too was disgusted by the eating of live insects such as the leaf mimic and the stick insect on last night's show. It really upset me and spoilt what was otherwise addictive viewing for me!
Kathryn, Manchester

I've noticed none of these snobby people complaining that the show is for "brain dead morons" and "mindless cretins" etc has come up with any better suggestions for what to show on TV at 9pm on a week night after a hard day's work. After using my brain all day, maybe I don't want to watch hours of ultra dry current affairs programmes or whatever it is they'd prefer.

Cannot wait for the next series
Shirley, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Some of the people who have written comments must have been living in a shoe box if they do not know who the celebs are. I thought that each and every one of them was entertaining which is what television is all about. Sorry to see Johnny go so early but the best one won in the end. Cannot wait for the next series.
Shirley, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

What a load of rubbish. Who cares? Putting this durge on TV must cost 1000s. If ITV has that sort of money to throw away, why not give it to charity and cut out the middle man - or in this case, Ant and Dec.
Peter, UK

I don't know what's worse: soaps or drivel like this. No wonder we're all such a nation of nosey busybodies these days. We practically get brainwashed into that way of thinking by our no-brainer TV programmes. Whatever happened to proper, imaginative TV programmes like The Goodies, Fawlty Towers, Horizon and so on? I know these can still be seen on satellite channels, but how about making more like them instead of these "me too" famous-for-five-minutes shows?
David Hazel, Fareham, UK

Great entertainment. Best one yet. Glad Jordon didn't make Queen. I wish they wouldn't keep showing the spider walking across the screen, gives me nightmares.
Angela, Kent

I feel sorry for the poor cockroaches that had those horrible celebs crawling all over them!
Mick Hounsell, Portsmouth, England

Apart from Johnnie Rotten, Jennie Bond and Diane Modahl I thought "whooooo?!". Who were these "celebrities"?! Two were more famous for being someone's wife; some footballer no-one's ever heard of; Lord who? And some woman who has big breasts - oh how hilarious - and some has-been singer? Please, I'd rather watch paint dry. And it's hardly "reality" TV when it's all edited in favour of one person or another. Please TV companies, start making decent programmes instead of this nonsense!
Heather, Glasgow, Scotland

The consumption of live animals is neither necessary, nor entertaining
Trevor, Birmingham, UK
Am I the only viewer to find last night's escapades disgusting? Although I, like everyone else, found the viewing compulsive, the consumption of live animals is neither necessary, nor entertaining in itself - surely the editors could have devised something a little more imaginative?
Trevor, Birmingham, UK

Terrible! Boring, banal, predictable and with all the intellectual stimulation of a house brick! Anyone who finds this garbage entertaining really needs to get out more!
John, England

Great programme but bad new if you're RSPCA.
George Nipah, London

I wanted Jonny Rotten to win 'cause he was just so funny and wasn't interested in posing for the cameras. I was gutted when he walked, he made the show and it wasn't the same after he went. Can't wait till its back on, but this as definitely been the best one out of the three.
Angela, UK

Well done to Kerry on becoming the queen of the jungle even though I thought Razor was going to win. Jordan has treated Peter Andre badly but I think Peter will forgive her. Lord Brocket was funny when he did the torture tank trial. Again well done Kerry on winning. Your husband must be the luckiest man in the world. I fell for you big time because you had me in stitches when you were drunk towards the end. I loved watching all of the celebrities especially Kerry, John, Lord B, Alex and Razor. Again well done Kerry, you deserve to be queen of the jungle.
Matthew May, Reading, Berkshire, UK

Kerry deserved to win. She was real. She overcame her fears and no doubt came out a stronger person. She never forced anyone to watch her but did help raise a huge amount of money for charity. As for the other celebs, well done all of you. How true to life it was showing that we don't all get on all the time. I will miss my nine o'clock updates and look forward to the Tuesday programme of 'after'.
Marion, Perth

Insania is a good description of the show. An insane idea to put a bunch of celebs in the middle of the jungle without their creature comforts. And to create Mania with all the trials. I loved it!
Lou, West Midlands

I have never watched any "reality TV" before but was hooked by the inclusion of John Lydon and Razor Ruddock. I am glad Kerry won as she was probably the most genuine about her feelings during the entire show. Oh and everyone who was in there, respect for putting up with the creepy crawly Jordan! I'd have rather sat in with the 60,000 cockroaches for two weeks!
Simmo, Gillingham, Kent

Well done to ITV for a very good show
Liz, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Found the show very, very entertaining. Jordan was a bit annoying, but overall all the celebrities were worth watching. Although I am happy that Kerry won, I have to say that Jennie Bond has earned my respect for her time in the Jungle and certainly deserved to be runner up.
Well done to ITV for a very good show.
Liz, Bangor, Northern Ireland

Well done ITV - you have done it again, Celebrity was fantastic this time and again the correct mix of personalities to get things going quickly, shame channel 4 cannot do so well with BB. Kerry was the winner by a country mile for me, she was so genuine and down to earth, a normal person wins.
Ryan, Aberdeen, Scotland

When Johnny Rotten left, the remaining contestants stayed an eviction longer. Lord Brockett would have won if he didn't start bitching. Jennie did very well. Peter Andre was funny. How can someone who is scared of moths in the interview cabin win a Jungle survival show? A sad reflection on today's youth!
Ian, Chester, UK

Kerry was great and fully deserved to win! She is a great down to earth girl who is sure to go on to big and better things! Must also congratulate Jennie Bond - Her "feast" last night was amazing!
James, Inverness

What am I going to watch now! I have loved every minute very entertaining so glad Kerry won she was brilliant they should do the show for a month instead of two weeks it's just not on for long enough.
Becky, Leeds UK

I've been sucked in since day one, and now worry about the void left in my life at 9pm each night!
Susie, IOM
I've been sucked in since day one, and now worry about the void left in my life at 9pm each night! I love the programme and Ant & Dec just top it all for me. Delighted that Kerry won, despite the fact that for the first 48 hours she got on my and everyone else's nerves. Fickle Britain? I think so!
Susie, IOM

I never watched the first 2 series but I was totally hooked on this one. I thought Kerry was a deserved winner she was hilarious without even trying. Which more than I can say for her mate Jordan, I couldn't stand her before and think even less of her now.
Well done Kerry!
Claire, Ayrshire, Scotland

There should be changes to the format otherwise a third series would be too formulaic. With real competition. The person voted off should have to do a real physical, tactical, mental challenge against a person they choose from the group - if they win, they stay, else have to go. Winners would be more worthy. Peter Andre was very good in his last challenge. And Jennie was also very brave and controlled.
Percentage to charities was only 15p per every 50p which could be improved upon.
T., Southampton, UK

This year was the first time I'd had a chance to watch the show, I'm afraid got a bit hooked! Kerry Definitely deserved to win she got on with everyone and didn't mess anyone around! What really makes the show though is Ant and Dec they are a great team!
Susannah, Taunton, UK

Well done Kerry, see playing up to the camera's doesn't work and the public see through the falseness of the lord brockets and Jordan's of the world. Down to earth, nice and took it for what it was, just a TV show. Congrats Miss McFadden.
Nick, Portsmouth, UK

The fact that Kerry won is a sad reflection of society. In my opinion, she was the least charismatic of all the contestants (and that's saying something). The people who voted for Kerry are the same sort of people who prefer mild cheddar to stilton, and Only Fools And Horses to Fawlty Towers.
Mikey, Saltburn, Cleveland

Well guys, according to Mikey from Saltburn the majority of us on this comments page are all in one neat box. I for one adore Stilton and prefer Fawlty Towers to Only Fools. But I though Kerry was fantastic, a very genuine person. If you don't like a person, fine, but don't label people for adoring her. You're obviously very narrow-minded. Oops, sorry, did I label you Mikey!!!
Sarah, Northampton, England

What can be so exciting about a bunch of half nobodies sitting around a damp camp doing nothing for hours a day?
Gareth, Swansea

I used to have good taste, but I sat through almost every show!!!
J Harte, Barnsley South Yorkshire

Despite all the rubbish that has been said and written about Peter Andre, the guy gets massive respect from me after his last trial. He is a braver man that I for conquering his fear and going into that box with that gruesome assortment of spiders and 60,000 cockroaches. Man, you could not even get me in a box with just one of either of them there bugs.

Just hope Jordan recognises that she has got a cool, genuine guy that is keen on her. They would make a great couple.

Go on, you...you...Insaniac
Shawn Richards, London, England

The show was as good, if not better than previous years. However the wrong person won this time round - Lord Brocket was the man.
Jordan Dias, Edinburgh, UK

This year's show was the best yet! Very very very funny!! And Kerry was definitely the deserved winner. A down to earth top girl!
Kaz, Woking

I think that like a lot of people, Kerry did deserve to win. She was a sweet, 100% genuine girl. Why is everyone knocking Jordan though? In the jungle she showed us Kate, and I think that most of us can agree that we did connect with Kate in some way.
James, Henfield, West Sussex

These stupid people that think Kerry winning "I'm a Celebrity" is a sad reflection of today's youth - What are they on about? She was probably the most genuine person in there, she was funny and with help from the other contestants became a much stronger person. Lord Brocket was my other favourite to win, but I am glad Kerry won. It is a brilliant show, but it is the right choice of contestants that I think make it as popular as it is.
Jane Dearmun, Stevenage, Herts

A good laugh overall, pity that gobby Kerry won but I would imagine the vast majority of votes were cast by teenagers. She complained about virtually everything, did very little and belched a lot. Peter Andre may be 30 going on 13, but full credit to him for facing his fears, despite being petrified.
Dan, London, UK

Jennie Bond should have won! with everyone there taking the mickey out of her all along, even Ant & Dec, she still came through and put up with the bushtucker trials better than any of them, especially that last one
Lisa, Kent, UK

Peter bravely overcame his fears to win a dessert that nobody ate. Jenny had to endure a horrible trial for a dinner she didn't like and the only one who bottled it scoffed the lot!!
Tony Perry

Lord Brocket nearly killing a goldfish by pushing it into champagne. "Spot the dumb animal" I thought. Otherwise the show was better than the last two.
James, Leeds

The fact that a whiny, mouthy common young girl has won a jungle survival show says everything about Britain today. Good show - wrong winner by a mile.
Craig, Sutton, UK

Thought this year's show was by far the best mix of personalities. It was so enjoyable to watch topped by the best duo presenters on TV. Kerry was well worthy of the Queen of the Jungle title, as she was genuine, non bitchy, naturally funny and REAL. Thought it was the funniest Reality TV Show I've seen in a long time. Bet Big Brother are under proper pressure now. How did ITV do it?

This year's show was fantastic, and Kerry was the right person to win. She bought comedy and emotion to the show, and always said what she felt. Well done Kerry, you deserve to be Queen.
Susie, Cheshire

Not sure how I am gonna cope in society anymore now that the programme has finished! What will we talk about in the office? in the pub? And for all you people addicted to watching Celeb...what have ITV put on at 9pm tonight? A slightly humorous, seen it a million times film. Talk about going cold turkey!!!
W, Scotland

Good television but became rather predictable and stale after John left. Ironically Peter bravely overcame his fears to win a dessert that nobody ate. Jenny had to endure a horrible trial for a dinner she didn't like and the only one who bottled it scoffed the lot!!
Tony Perry, Bromsgrove , Worcs

That 9pm slot for the past 15 dayshas played a major role in my daily-routine. I always said from the start it will be a toss-up between Jennie Bond and Kerry McFadden and I was proved right - I kind of shared the overwhelmness of Kerry winning the show, I still cannot quite believe it. Kerry showed such sweetness and commitment towards the other contestants and its only right that the best should win! Congratulations to the first Queen of the Jungle.
Ben Lord, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

Great entertainment ... have been hooked since the beginning and loved every minute. Have no idea what I am going to do now without my nightly helping of Ant and Dec! Well done Kerry - you had my vote!
Helen, Cambridge

Please do repeats or something quickly as my wife will have nothing to do until the next series!
Mike W, Royston

Stupid TV for stupid people
Rick, London

How can Kerry win over Jennie. Jennie was a true lady, no swearing, burping or bottom burps. Kerry done exactly that, along with nothing but squirm, moan and shout! 2 different ends of a spectrum. Jennie is a true lady and should have been queen especially after her last bushtucker trial - remember Kerry turned hers down.....
Natalie, Essex

Well Done 2 Kerry! How shocked was she and how proud was Bryan!!! Whatever happens i hope Kerry does really well out of it, But don't do a Linda Barker and become really annoying! Good Luck xxx
Tarnya, Birmingham, UK

Stupid TV for stupid people.
Rick, London, UK

I was pleased that Kerry won, she seemed a very genuine young woman who wasn't afraid to admit that she missed her husband and kids. I have to say that Jennie Bond went up in my estimation after those two Bushtucker Trials she did. She didn't bat an eyelid when she ate those bugs! Go Jennie!!
Rachel, London, UK

Watched almost every show, and at the end of it, the person i has most proud of was John Lydon. He had the moral courage to hold up his hand and say that though he loved the rainforest, the eviction system was not to his taste, and decide not to be a part of it any more. Congratulations to Kerry. She was funny and likable, and a true Princess of the Jungle. However, Jonny 'Rotten,' and the quality of his moral fibre impressed most of all. Regardless of the result, he is the King of the Jungle. If only more people had the guts that he clearly has...
Mike, St-Andrews, Scotland

First of all, celebrities? Bond was the only one of this sorry lot I could have picked out from a crowd. What more is there to say except how could such an annoying, pointless, formulaic programme draw millions of viewers every night? If this is the best 9pm has to offer then clearly something must be done!
Suz, Paris

Have people of this great nation really stooped to the levels of mindless moron in order to gain pleasure and satisfaction by watching this tripe. I'm told that the reason why people watch this garbage is because 'it mimics the real world'. Hmmmm! I'd much rather live it than watch it! The world in which we live in is full, rich and diverse for ALL age groups and for All genres of society. There is only one reason people watch soap operas, game shows and this tripe....Couch potatoes, springs to mind. What a great nation we once were...Now? I'm not so sure!
Mark Shanahan, Sussex UK

Kerry McFadden was sat there smoking the whole time, she might as well have been down the pub
James, UK

This so called reality TV is in my opinion TV. by the braindead for the braindead.
John Davey, Hinckley, England

What a dull show. It's "supposed" to see how celebrities cope in the jungle without their creature comforts. Kerry McFadden was sat there smoking the whole time, she might as well have been down the pub...
James, UK

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