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Last Updated: Friday, 6 February, 2004, 16:16 GMT
Janet Jackson will miss Grammys
Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake
Jackson was exposed during a routine with Justin Timberlake
Singer Janet Jackson will not be appearing at Sunday's Grammy Awards, her publicist has confirmed.

R&B star Patti LaBelle will replace her as a presenter, following the furore over Jackson's Super Bowl performance on Sunday when her breast was bared.

"I can confirm she is not attending. I won't give any more details," said publicist Steven Huvane. Meanwhile, a woman in the US is suing for millions of dollars in punitive damages for showing the flash.

Terri Carlin, a 47-year-old bank clerk in Knoxville, Tennessee, is seeking "maximum" compensation from Jackson and Justin Timberlake, as well as from Viacom, the owner of CBS, which broadcast the event.

Jackson had been due to present an award at the Grammys ceremony, while her Super Bowl singing partner Timberlake is expected to win a number of categories.

Timberlake, who has been nominated for five Grammys, is still expected to appear on Sunday.

But, according to a source quoted by the Washington Post, the Grammy organisers were determined to see Jackson out of the show.

"CBS and the Recording Academy are waiting for her to graciously bow out. If she does not soon, they will uninvite her," according to the Post source, who was speaking before her decision was announced.


Timberlake has said even his family were offended by his duet.

Timberlake performed with Jackson at Sunday's sporting event, ripping off her top leaving her exposed.

But he insists he thought he would only be revealing a red lace bra during the routine and nothing else.

"I do understand that there were a lot of people that were completely offended by what happened, including my own family," he told TV station KCBS.

"And I think that's probably the part that's frustrating the most for me and it's completely, completely, completely, regrettable."

He added: "I mean, I was completely shocked and appalled, and all I could say was 'oh my God, oh my God'."

ER cut

US network NBC has dropped a scene showing the breast of an elderly woman from the next episode of its hit medical drama ER.

ER is one of America's biggest shows
NBC said although the scene was "appropriate and in context" it could not ignore the "atmosphere" created by Jackson's stunt on Sunday.

But ER executive producer John Wells said censorship was unnecessary because the two events were "not comparable".

The edited episode of ER airs in the US on Thursday, with NBC saying it had "unfortunately concluded that the atmosphere created by this week's events has made it too difficult for many of our affiliates to air this shot".

The US networks transmit their programmes through affiliate stations across the country, who can influence programming decisions.

Mr Wells, who has worked on the show for many years, criticised the decision, believing its adult viewers were capable "of making the distinction and adjusting their viewing habits accordingly".

He added: "This type of network behaviour is one of the primary reasons that so many of today's producers and viewers are increasingly turning to HBO and other cable outlets that do not censor responsible storytelling."


The Super Bowl flash has caused outrage in some quarters in the US, with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael Powell saying it was a "classless, crass and deplorable stunt".

The FCC, the main government media watchdog, has announced an inquiry to see whether the display of flesh constituted indecency.

If the FCC decides indecency regulations were breached it could fine CBS $27,500 (15,015) for each of its affiliate stations which aired the show. The network could end up paying $550,000 (300,294) in total.


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