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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 January, 2004, 15:13 GMT
German Brother to last 12 months
Big Brother
The UK version set up a rich and poor divide in 2002
The next series of reality television show Big Brother in Germany will last an entire year.

The fifth series of the show in Germany begins on 1 March - with nine contestants competing for a prize of 1m euros (700,000).

An Endemol spokeswoman said the house will be divided into three sections - "rich", "poor" and "normal" - for the duration of the series.

The German series is filmed in a house outside Cologne.

Programme-makers are looking for a cross-section of people to take part in the show, including millionaires, academics and factory workers.


The German Big Brother has continued to be a huge success but frisky contestants have proved a problem for producers.

Two contestants were even slapped with a two-day no touching ban to keep them away from each other because the coverage was deemed too steamy.

Once the ban was over the couple headed straight for a bed.

And two contestants from the second series were married after leaving, but there was talk of a divorce soon after.

Series four produced another romance when two contestants announced their engagement live on air.

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