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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 January, 2004, 12:28 GMT
DVD teen seeks compensation
Jon Lech Johansen
Johansen (right) created the program when he was 15
A Norwegian who cracked the security codes of DVDs is seeking compensation from police after twice being acquitted of computer piracy.

Jon Lech Johansen, 20, distributed a program on the internet that could break the security codes used on DVDs.

Norwegian courts ruled twice he could not be charged for "breaking" into DVDs he had legally bought, nor for creating a program others might use illegally.

Johansen's lawyer said he was seeking around 150,000 kroner (11,970).

Johansen's first acquittal was a year ago. Police appealed to another court in the capital Oslo, but a judge ruled again in his favour last month.

Johansen had created the program, called DeCSS when he was only 15.

'Economic losses'

This month prosecutor Inge Marie Sunde decided not to take an appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court.

It was expected the case would go further because it was the first of its kind in Norway.

"What we will demand be covered is Johansen's economic losses, and court costs and what could be called compensation," lawyer Halvor Manshaus said.

Johansen said he had created the program to watch movies on a Linux-based computer without DVD-viewing software. He had then posted his codes on the internet in 1999.

Johansen was charged by Norwegian police after a complaint by the Motion Picture Association of America and the DVD Copy Control Association

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