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Confusion over Jackson car sale
Michael Jackson
Auctioneers do not know if Jackson has changed his mind about the car
A planned auction of a Bentley car owned by pop star Michael Jackson is in doubt because the sellers do not know if he wants the sale to go ahead.

Jackson arranged to sell the car last October before charges of child molestation were brought against him.

Craig Jackson, president of auctioneers Barrett-Jackson, said had had spoken to Jackson's managers several times.

"These discussions have resulted in mixed directions about the car's status," he said.

"We just want to do what he wants us to do and we don't know what that is," he added.

But as the singer signed the original documents only he could put a stop to the sale if he contacted the auctioneers by noon on Saturday.

About 400,000 people are expected to attend the sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, over the weekend when hundreds of classic cars are auctioned over four days.

Jackson parked his Bentley at his Neverland ranch
Jackson parked his Bentley at his Neverland ranch
Jackson's 2001 Arnage Red Label Turbosedan was featured in his pop video for What More Can I Give.

It has been customised with a DVD player, video game system and flat screen televisions.

It has also been signed by a number of his celebrity friends including Beyonce and Nick Carter.

The auction president said the car itself was valued at $150,000 (81,225) but because of its added features and its previous owner it could fetch up to $500,000 (270,750).

Jackson is due in court for a pre-trial hearing on 13 February on seven charges of child molestation. He has already entered a plea of not guilty to all charges.

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Michael Jackson Jackson show
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