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Last Updated: Sunday, 18 January, 2004, 16:43 GMT
Idol's Cowell hits out at Madonna
Simon Cowell
Cowell compared Madonna to Britney, Beyonce and J-Lo
Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell has taken a swipe at Madonna, saying that she "used to be good-looking".

Cowell, who is about to launch into a third series of American Idol in the US, made the comments when discussing the attributes of current pop stars.

"Britney is cute, isn't she? Beyonce is good-looking, Jennifer Lopez is. Madonna used to be," said Cowell.

When his fellow judges on the show groaned at his comment, Cowell added: "She's a housewife!"

But multi-millionaire Madonna, 45, is unlikely to be too concerned with Cowell's comment, as one of pop's most enduring icons her career has also branched out into acting and children's publishing.

Cowell is best-known for crushing the hopes of the pop wannabes on both the UK's Pop Idol and its US counterpart American Idol.

Madonna has been making hit records for two decades
During the first series of Pop Idol Cowell dubbed the eventual winner Will Young, "distinctly average", although he has gone to enjoy a successful singing career.

And he has had little nice to say about his fellow American Idol judge Paula Abdul, saying he "can't stand her" and reportedly making her cry with his barbs.

But the feeling is mutual, with former singer Abdul saying she "despised" his treatment of contestants.

And reportedly Welsh heart-throb Tom Jones once also confessed to wanting to punch Cowell.

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