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Last Updated: Monday, 5 January, 2004, 16:06 GMT
Moyles on Breakfast: Your views
Chris Moyles
DJ Chris Moyles has taken over the coveted BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show slot from Sara Cox.

Proclaiming himself to the be the "saviour" of early morning radio, Moyles believes he has what it takes to bring listeners back to Radio 1.

What did you think of Moyles' first day in the job? Has he got the right qualities to appeal to Radio 1's listeners first thing in the morning?

Please see a selection of your views of Moyles' first day below.

Nothing new, nothing interesting. Same rude and crude. He couldn't save himself from drowning let alone Radio 1.
Ben, UK

Great stuff as always from Mr Moyles. The show had a fresh, yet familiar feel to it. Although I love it, I can't help but feel it's not for everyone. Still great stuff.
Chris B, England

I'm off to xfm/LDN and I won't be coming back for a good while.
Kevin O'Brien, England

I think Chris Moyles' first breakfast show was excellent. I used to listen to Chris and his team in the afternoon so was quite upset when I learnt he was leaving but glad that he has moved to the morning slot as I can listen to him even longer than in the afternoon! Keep up the good work!
Claire Adams, England

I think Chris and team's bright and lively attitude will work well in the breakfast slot
Nik, UK
Congratulations to Chris Moyles, the self proclaimed saviour of Radio One - brought a freshness to the breakfast show which was much needed, keep it coming big guy!!!
Brian, Scotland

I thought that Moyles was definitely worth waking up for - will be getting up in the mornings now rather than falling back to sleep like before. New jingles were fab too!
Ruth , UK

I listened to some of the show today and it was quite refreshing, I think Chris and team's bright and lively attitude will work well in the breakfast slot. I do think Sara Cox should have been sacked though as she is awful, moving her to the afternoon slot will do wonders for radio 2. I am sure someone somewhere must like her but I can honestly say that I do not know one single person on this planet that finds her entertaining, and I do have friends!
Nik, UK

The best part of the change is that means I can now listen to Radio 1 in the afternoon. There's no doubt that Chris Moyles rates himself very highly, I'm not sure how many other people do.
Kevin Carley, UK

At last that annoying woman has gone. Today I was able to listen to radio 1 without shouting and cursing at the idiocy of the previous breakfast DJ. Much improved.
Richard Kenningham, England

Can't stand him. Chris Moyles is the epitome of puerile 'bloke radio'. His crass, abrasive style will have listeners switching off in droves. I give him six months, tops.
Jason Clark, UK

I couldn't believe it when Moyles insisted on interrupting the newsreaders mid-flow to proclaim his opinions on global events. Does he really think he's that important?
Jo, Wales
Its so nice for Radio 1 to finally have a competent DJ in the mornings that actually wakes me up. Well done Chris, excellent first show.
Rob Jones, England

The 'new' Moyles breakfast show reminded me of an 80s Steve Wright or Simon Mayo show. Not an ideal start for Radio 1 in 2004.
Stuart, UK

The radio came on to wake me up at 8.30, just in time for the news. I couldn't believe it when Moyles insisted on interrupting the newsreaders mid-flow to proclaim his opinions on global events. Does he really think he's that important? Sadly, the answer would appear to be yes.
Joe, Wales

I used to enjoy listening to Moyles when he first started on early breakfast, but he gradually believed his own publicity more and more and is now in danger of disappearing up his own backside. As for interrupting the news to give his own comments - how much does he love the sound of his own voice?!?!
Dan, UK

Very weak start... Listened between 7 and 8.30. Features were weak, what was the half past news about? Let News presenters present the news, Chris stick to what you're good at! Give it a month to settle in before I decide whether to find somewhere else to tune.
Ian, UK

Chris was the same as ever, a fantastic entertainer, I love listening to his show but being at work in the afternoon made it very difficult. Now I can listen to him whilst I get ready and on the way to work. Well done the BBC, I never listened to Sarah Cox in the morning so your listening figures are up by one at least.
Victoria, UK

Chris Moyles is too abrasive for early mornings
Ian, UK
Just not the same as waking up to the dulcet tones of Ms Cox. Whilst I liked Moylesy in the drive time slot, I find him a bit abrasive to wake up to and I have to admit I found the self-gratifying "Saviour of Radio 1" song a bit much. Only time will tell. I don't think I'll be deserting Radio 1 just yet though.
Richard, UK

I got the bus to work today rather than the tube to listen to Moyles, although the journey takes an extra 20mins. I was more than happy to sit there because the breakfast show with Moyles has improved 100% even on a first day.
Kay Patterson, UK

I love the man - am gutted that I can now only listen to 3/4 hour of him before starting work as before I used to listen to 1 3/4 hours on the way home. I am looking into taping him. I think he will get a new following, as well as his old loyal fan base and I wish him all the luck in the world.
Donna Shayler, UK

I stopped listening to both Sara Cox and Chris Moyles last year, preferring to listen to local radio. Radio 1's best daytime show by miles is the Mark & Lard show. Chris Moyles is too abrasive for early mornings.
Ian, UK

Moyles is without out question my favoruite Radio 1 DJ. His afternoon show was never dull and and always entertaining. Sadly, I believe his move to the Breakfast slot will mark a steady decline in his career, at least that is, with Radio 1. This slot is notoriously difficult to fulfill and there will be great pressure on him now to deliver the goods. I wish him well, but he has already lost me as a listener as I am unable to listen to a radio at that time of day. Thanks for the great times Moyles!
Steven Howlett, Swansea, UK

Fantastic! Breakfast was well past time for a change and I wasn't tempted once this morning to turn to local radio. Sat at my desk with my headphones on laughing like a loon. Fun is back at breakfast! Well done Chris, Dave and Aled.
D, England

Although I had nothing against Sara, this is a deserved & refreshing change to the breakfast show
Charlie, UK
Refreshing. No usual Radio 1 rubbish about trying to look cool all the time, obsessions with dance music and filling every link by just reading out peoples' text messages. Just good, down-to-earth radio we've come to expect from Chris with a bit of spice to put it into the top league!
Mick, UK

Fantastic! Nothing gets me out of bed quicker in a morning or make me enjoy going to work early more than this constant over-rated drivel! If he plays the same self proclaming wonder jingle every morning I'll never stay in bed after my alarm goes off. Thank you!
Steven, UK

Well it was a good start - it was such a refreshing change to actually hear music and the whole song!!! I think Chris and the whole team will need time to adjust and hopefully it will improve! So happy to see the tedius link has made the programme!!!! Keep on going Chris and the team.
Gemma, England

I was sceptical of Sara Cox at first, but soon warmed to her sharp yet generous brand of humour and the self-deprecating streak that underpinned her one-of-the-lads persona. By comparison, Chris Moyles comes across as merely egotistical, one-dimensional and very dated - an unholy union between Steve Wright and Chris Evans. I'd have been much happier with Scott Mills' barbed wit, or even the bumbling enthusiasm of Colin & Edith.
Stuart, UK

Although I had nothing against Sara, this is a deserved & refreshing change to the breakfast show. I was glad to hear that Moyles and team are going to take the challenge of the breakfast slot seriously - thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon show, and hope he brings a new lease of life to the mornings. Although, please do not interrupt the News - some moments are sacred! Good luck. p.s. I'll defintiely give you more than 6 months...that suggestion is just rrrrrubbish!
Charlie, UK

I really enjoyed Chris Moyles' afternoon show so was looking forward to this morning's breakfast show. The only change that seems to have taken place is that Chris now butts in after every news story and makes some scathing remark. I hope this isn't a permanent feature.
Morag, Scotland

Chris's humour is only ever at someone else's expense, so unoriginal, boring & futile. It's like overhearing some witless boys on the school bus who think they impress. I used to switch off at the sound of his voice in the afternoon - I won't be tuning into Radio 1 for any thing other than Mark & Lard from now on.
Sarah , UK

I can't see him lasting the breakfast show as his humour only appeals to the laddish minority or people who are too lazy to get a job
Jo, UK
Show was okay, good music but format not as good as afternoon, listened upto 8.30 then work, hope it improves with time as I think Chris is great and even on today's performance a big improvement on Mrs Carter!
John Gardner, Cambridge, UK

So much attention is paid to the presenters, rather than Radio 1's core problem: it's stifling, unimaginative playlist. There's no variety, and songs that are over a year old still get played far too often. Radio 1 has no variety.
Max, UK

Although I used to look forward to listening to most of Moyles in the afternoon I did struggle this morning. I don't think his loud attitude is to everyone's liking first thing in the morning. I did like Sara Cox on the breakfast show and will be looking forward to listening to her tonight. Moyles is just a bit too 'bloke' for me in the morning.
Sara , UK

Absolute rubbish - this is the last time I'll be listening to radio 1 - Moyles is obnoxious, rude, chauvanistic and talks through most of the records - I want to listen to the music not ten minutes of a rubbish jingle which he clearly thinks is clever. BBC radio just lost another listener, at least Sara Cox was funny.
Josie Overton, UK

Rubbish! I listened to the show on the way to work, which was only a 15 min journey thankfully. I can't see him lasting the breakfast show as his humour only appeals to the laddish minority or people who are too lazy to get a job.
Jo, UK

Those people who say they liked Chris on the breakfast show can't have listened to him much in the afternoon. Listen to him about once a week and you will hear his jokes, probably about twice each. Any more often than that and it is incredibly repetitive.
Keith L, Chelmsford, UK

The music selection was better, but the coversation from Moyles and his crew never gets above much more than inane pub chat. And just what is the point of 'Comedy' Dave? At least Sara Cox was naturally funny (her recent interview with Nigel Harman was hilarious) - looking forward to her afternoon slot.
Gavin, UK

Chris - what can I say, you were fantastic and I love you!! By 7.02am I was laughing. No-one I would rather listen to in bed in the mornings ! At last it is worth waking up early to Radio 1.
Sharon, UK

Congratulations to Chris Moyles. The self proclaimed saviour of Local Radio!
Ross, UK

Didn't BBC Radio learn anything from Chris Evans?
Simon, UK

Still full of his own self-importance, still likes listening to his own voice too much and still not enough music
Amanda, UK
Sara cox wasn't great but this guy is simply dreadful, laddish can be funny but Moyles strains to get "subtle" points in, reminds me of David Brent at his worst, certainly no "saviour". Wake up BBC Radio!
Mark, England

Excellent show, I'm sure the afternoon fans will follow to the early mornings. Sara Cox was good at first but it became the same dreary rubbish morning in morning out, which made local radio more appealing. Although he may have to change to suit the mornings, keep up the good work.
Anthony, UK

At last Sarah Cox is gone from my morning drive to the office! Chris Moyles is twice the DJ she could ever hope to be, when she's there that is. The only problem is that they have moved her to my driving home time. Surely a better line up would be Collin and Edith in the morning slot and Chris Moyles back where he was. With Cox in the afternoon I think it's time to hit Radio 2 or some local station...
Andy Moore, UK

Moyles is sexist - offensively so. He is also vain, abrasive and egotistical in measures that far outweigh his undoubted wit. I've already retuned my radio alarm to Radio 4, and there it will stay.
Kirk Jackson, UK

oyles is great, fresh face for a fresh slot. Sarah Cox grates my ears, her idea of funny just isn't in my book, and as for Mark and Lard, their humour is appallingly crass. Well at least R1 hasn't lost a listener, I have just moved my listening from late afternoon to mornings, with radio 2 gaining an afternoon listener.
Adam, UK

Still full of his own self-importance, still likes listening to his own voice too much and still not enough music. I thought Sara Cox talked a lot, but every time I tuned in this morning all I could hear was Mr Moyles laughing at his own jokes. Where's the music?
Amanda, UK

It's so nice to be able to listen to the Breakfast show without cringing every five minutes. Moyles and the team are legends!
Rich, England

I defy anyone not to grow to love the Moyles, Dave and Rachael chat once they've listened to it for a month or so. It really grows on you
Mark C, UK
Lighten up everyone! The man's just trying to be funny and he does a brilliant job. I was becoming very bored with Radio 1 in the morning and could only catch Chris for 15 mins on my drive home from work before he finished his afternoon show - now I can listen to him on my long dreary drive to work.... a much needed improvement to my mornings!
Sam, UK

Chris Moyles on Breakfast is without doubt the best move Radio 1 have made in a long time. He sounded spot on! Very Fresh. Very Funny and completely different to the borish old style we are used to. Move over BamBam, there's a new boy on breakfast!
Darren, UK

Well, I was an avid Moyles in the afternoon fan. Now just need to adjust to mornings instead. I'm sure that the show will find its feet after a few months.

It annoys me though that some narrow minded people listen to 5 minutes then say its rubbish. I defy anyone not to grow to love the Moyles, Dave and Rachael chat once they've listened to it for a month or so. It really grows on you. Great stuff Chris, go for it matey.
Mark C, UK

Self-opinionated, self-obsessed, arrogant and rude - "Get off Moyles and saviour us all earache".
Keri, UK

Moyles was always fantastic at breakfast when he filled in for Zoe Ball in the old days, and today was a good start. The nation wants entertaining at breakfast, not Cox telling us about her latest meeting with Missy Elliot. Keep it up Chris!
Jonathan, UK

After this morning's show I'd like to thank Chris for helping me to rediscover my CD collection
Matt, UK
Absolutely brilliant - Chris is by far the best DJ on Radio 1. I even slowed down on the motorway this morning so as to get to listen to more of the show before work. Nice to see a mixture of features, Dave's tedious links from the afternoon show and the new carpark catchphrase complete with cheesy comments from Roy Walker, had me in stiches!
Chris Hart, UK

I thought Chris & his team put on an excellent first show - the beginning was a piece of radio history - and I was laughing out loud at the 5 key changes! The jingles are a welcome reflection of the current retro revival that's going on a la Sophie Ellis Bextor and I'm so glad that Sara Cox's grating voice won't be waking me up again...
Oli, St. Albans

Chris and the gang sounded pretty much the same as usual - but much earlier! I love Chris and hate Sara, and now he's on too early for me, so I suspect I will listen to it via the website in the afternoon - almost as if nothing has changed!
Flash Wilson, UK

After this morning's show I'd like to thank Chris for helping me to rediscover my CD collection. That's what I'll be listening to on the way into work for the foreseeable future. Oh yeh, how do you exactly become a 'saviour' and lose 700,000 listeners in a year?
Matt, UK

What else is there to say?? FANTASTIC!!! It's the best thing that's happened in Radio for ages! Chris is just what the doctor ordered. Keep up the good work...oh and please bring back fish heads!
Charlotte, Notts, UK

Chris and his team definitely brighten up my day to work. Chris is brilliant, funny and full of life
Ada, Scotland

Irritating drivel. I'd rather put up with the adverts on local radio than Chris Moyles' rubbish. Bring back Sara or, better still, Colin and Edith.
Sandy, Scotland

Loved the show this morning. Chris and his team definitely brighten up my day to work. Chris is brilliant, funny and full of life. I used to dread Sarah Cox in the morning show, I had to turn the radio off because she's so boring. Well done Radio 1.
Ada, Scotland

The alarm went off at 7.00am for the news, only to find no news but a 4 minute "jingle" declaring Mr Moyles the saviour of Radio 1. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and listened to 7.30am, when he talked over the poor newsreader and constantly interrupted to give his own comments. I wasn't a big Sara Cox fan but she did seem to be less fond of the sound of her own voice. I won't be tuning in again.
Janet, UK

Sorry but I'm afraid that I'm also off to another radio station and having discussed Chris Moyles with the people I work with none of them will be listening either. I realise I'm out of the target area being 48 so my opinions don't count but I've been a champion of radio one since it started. Incidentally neither of my sons will be listening either. So I'm off to Virgin Radio until Jo Whiley starts at 10.00 or until you give the Breakfast show to someone else such as Colin and Edith or Scott Mills
Sue Smith, Notts

Dull Mr Moyles.....talking all over the news and sport, dull music.....I'm sticking with Danny Baker who knows how to entertain his public in the morning.
Craig, London

It was the first time I switched R1 off for a long time, apart from all his obvious poor personality traits, Moyles isn't actually any good as a DJ. I'll bet he was the fat kid who only had friends while he had sweets.
Mark Barry, England

Listened to the first hour or so - Moyles is a funny guy and a seamless professional presenter, people may not like his style, but he is good
Richard Melbourn, UK
Superb! Loved it! So much better than before... I admit I was worried that Chris and the team wouldn't work at that time of day but I was wrong - I can now listen to an hour of the show on my way to work and can't wait for tomorrow....Well done !
Chris Baker, England

Bring back Coxy... Moyles is much too brash for the morning, and if he thinks knocking Coxy is funny, it's not. He talks too much, doesn't play enough music, and his first song, an old track from U2 made me think I was waking up a few years ago. I don't want to hear his personal favourites... I want chart music. Will see how he goes though.
Karen, UK

He has a lot to learn. To begin with, he needs to learn that the opinions of others matter a great deal more than he gives them credit. Interrupting a news bulletin with your own 2-cents worth is ridiculous. If the news is that unimportant then take it out of the show completely.

I'll stick with Radio 2 and a CD player. I get better music and the news is read in an appropriate manner without a thumping drumbeat in the background.

If he's so good, let the listeners who leave Radio 2 to hear him in the mornings be the test. I don't think Wogan should be too worried though.
Lee, England

Chris, Dave and Rachel are great, I'm fed up with people bashing everything just for the sake of it, the show was refreshingly new, but pleasantly not too so, Chris does a good job as does the whole radio 1 team, it's nice to see him land the breakfast job, he deserves it and radio 1 should be commended, well done.
Scott, UK

Listened to the first hour or so - Moyles is a funny guy and a seamless professional presenter, people may not like his style, but he is good.

As for all the "saviour of Radio 1", he's been saying that since he was doing the early breakfast show - so it's not new nor particularly big-headed, perhaps people should look up "irony" in the dictionary.

Perhaps not to everyone's taste, those who don't like it should perhaps listen to Heart or watch GMTV for a thoughtless no brainer way to start the day.
Richard Melbourn, UK

Same old tired stuff I'm afraid
Stu, UK
Great show, fresh blood is always needed in such an important slot, Chris's afternoon show was always great fun and this was just as good. Why people insist on comparing the modern radio 1 figures with years past I don't know. Radio 1 has much more competition now so obviously listeners will be less than Tony Blackburn or Noel Edmonds. Why also would anyone in their right minds listen to adverts on some other stations?!!!!
Jez, London

Moyles was just as good as always!! He has to be my favourite DJ! However, I don't get to listen to him as much now as I listen to him on the way to work (and that's not far) - I think they should put Scott Mills on in the afternoons as he makes me laugh just as much!!
Susie Felix , UK

Awful. I listened in on the way to work. When the news came on Moyles talked all the way through it! WHY? I wanted the news - and certainly a break from him. Cox was bad, but he's not going to get me back listening to Radio 1.
Wayne , UK

I don't usually get up early but for once I did and it was well worth it. Brilliant. Great intro jingle as well.
Dan, UK

I used to listen to Chris Moyles every afternoon as it was enjoyable after a hard day in work. I would also listen to local radio in the morning as it was more sedate and easier to listen to. I tried to listen to Chris this morning and I'm afraid it's too early to enjoy his sense of humour so radio 1 have lost another listener today. It will have to be local radio in the morning and afternoon from now on.
Brian, Wales

Same old tired stuff I'm afraid. Sara Cox was awful, Moyles is more lively, but nothing new. It's little wonder Radio 2 is doing so well. Moving Cox to the afternoon is listener suicide.
Stu, UK

I've never been so pleased to get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work, it meant I could listen for even longer plus I went into work on my first day back actually smiling!
Michelle, England
I made an effort to get up early this morning to listen to his new show...and wasn't disappointed!! The show was excellent as always and had me chuckling away as usual.
Gillian, UK

The format does not work well in the morning, it's a shame because the BBC did have something very funny and very unique in the afternoon.
Neil, UK

Chris Moyles has given me the incentive that I need to get out of bed before seven and switch my alarm radio OFF.
Andy D, UK

Ugh - he's got a very irritating style, his only saving grace is that he's marginally less annoying than Sara Cox. Take my advice and tune in to Kiss 100.
Kav, London, England

Awful. I don't mind how rude he is, as long as it's witty. Chris Moyles isn't witty, he's just loud. It doesn't compensate.

And for somebody who likes to promote himself as controversial and novel, the tame interview with a mediocre, bland celeb like Victoria Beckham was just weak. Give John Peel the morning slot!
Graham, UK

The show was superb. It's great to hear Chris and the team first thing in the morning. I've never been so pleased to get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work, it meant I could listen for even longer plus I went into work on my first day back actually smiling! I'm never going back to local radio again!!
Michelle, England

Too much for me in the morning, like being rudely awoken by an over-excited dog, jumping all over you and licking your face. And his 'self-styled' vanity is a total turn-off. I'm switching over to a local station from now on.
Jan, Scotland, UK

Utter rubbish. Radio 1 have swapped one duff DJ for another. Scott Mills, Colin Murray, or Emma B would all do a better job. I'm off to local radio.
Another Ben, England

Moyles was brilliant as ever. He only says things we all think. The man's a genius.
Simon, UK

Finally I can start to listen to Radio 1 again... Cox was the last thing I wanted to hear in the morning. I even started to listen to Terry Wogan to avoid her! My street cred will return and the cardigan with elbow patches (that Terry advised on) can be binned. Great stuff.
Mark, UK

Brilliant - mornings are never going to be the same again and I'll be at work early from now on so I don't miss a single word.

Chris, Dave, Aled and Rachel are great - keep it up. Makes morning worth it now, but what am I going to listen to in the afternoon. Back to Radio 4 and vege talk!!
Vanella Mead, UK

A solid start I think. I was a fan of the afternoon show and I'm glad to hear the same kind of show transferred to this morning. I think once he and the team have fully settled into the new slot it will be a great show and a joy to wake up to.
Matt, UK

I can't stand Chris Moyles' radio show. When I turn on the radio I want to hear some music but all he does is chat with his mate. He likes the sound of his voice too much. Less Moyles more music!
Jonny, UK

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