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Evidence 'links' Spector with gun
Phil Spector
Phil Spector created the "wall of sound" production technique
Music producer Phil Spector emerged from his house holding a gun shortly after actress Lana Clarkson was found dead, police reports have said.

He has denied murdering the actress, whose body was found with a gunshot wound in his US mansion in February.

Mr Spector's driver told police the producer left his house holding a gun and said: "I think I killed someone", the reports stated.

The producer faces life in prison without parole if convicted.

Stun gun

Clarkson, 40, was discovered dead on 3 February this year, but Mr Spector has said that Clarkson shot herself.

His lawyer Robert Shapiro said that scientific evidence "clearly and unequivocally is consistent with a self-inflicted wound that was not the result of any action on the part of Phil Spector".

Sworn affidavits from witnesses and police have been released from the night in question, detailing versions of what happened.

When police arrived at the scene Mr Spector was found near to the body of Clarkson, which was slumped in a chair, according to detective Danny Smith.

Detective Smith wrote that a taser stun gun was used on Mr Spector before he was taken into custody after he refused a request to take his hands out of his pockets.

Lana Clarkson
Lana Clarkson appeared in B-movie Barbarian Queen
Official documents state that officers found Clarkson's teeth scattered around the entrance hall of the house, while a gun was discovered a few feet from her body.

Clarkson had been taken to Mr Spector's home after they met at the House of Blues club where she worked as a hostess.

"During the initial stages of this investigation, it was learned that the victim was apparently a stranger to the suspect and they met the evening before for a sexual encounter," Mr Smith wrote.


Police were alerted to an incident at the house by Mr Spector's chauffer Adriano Desouza who heard a single gun shot from inside the house in the early hours of the morning.

It was Mr Desouza who allegedly told police that Mr Spector had emerged from the house and said: "I think I just shot her", according to Mr Smith's affidavit.

Police took away nine guns and a quantity of ammunition found at Mr Spector's home.

Mr Spector made his name in the 1960s, when his Wall of Sound technique transformed pop music and he produced acts like the Beatles and the Ronettes.

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