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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 December, 2003, 14:51 GMT
Brown promise to support UK films
Adrien Brody, The Pianist
The Pianist was co-produced with the British film industry
Chancellor Gordon Brown has made a pledge in his pre-Budget report to back the UK film industry.

He told MPs the government would "consider the right incentives to support one of our great British creative industries".

Although he gave no specific detail, the announcement was welcomed by leading film industry figures.

UK Film Council chairman Sir Alan Parker said it showed the government's continued commitment to the industry.

"Film plays and important cultural and economic role, and the chancellor's comments will be widely welcomed throughout the UK film industry," he said.

Mr Brown's speech follows the announcement of plans to end tax relief for British film-makers in June next year.

Gordon Brown
Mr Brown talked about the "right incentives" for UK films
The film industry has lobbied hard to have the scheme extended, but the exact nature of Mr Brown's promise was not immediately clear.

A Treasury spokesman said: "It has been extended once and we are now looking at what is the best way to proceed. It could include measures other than extending tax relief."

Last month the government announced it was cracking down on film-makers who abused the system of tax breaks for British films.

The campaign centres on films that are British or co-produced by Britain, thereby qualifying for tax relief in the UK.

The government suspects some co-productions of falsely claiming to spend more in the UK to qualify. It says others do not give value for money.

Arts Minister Estelle Morris said she was "determined to ensure the right people are reaping the benefits".

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