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Private love of Paltrow and Martin
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
Paltrow and Martin have been together for a year
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 31, and Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 26, have married in secret.

The couple have been together for a year but have gone out of their way to avoid being photographed together.

It is a marked contrast in style to the kind of Hollywood relationship led by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who have openly courted the world's media.

The couple confirmed Paltrow was pregnant in a statement released earlier this month.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow has said she was waiting for Martin to propose
The first real hint of marriage plans came last month when Paltrow told BBC One chat show host Michael Parkinson that she hoped to wed Martin.

She told Parkinson she was waiting for Martin to propose to her.

In an interview with the USA Today newspaper she said she was ready to settle down and focus on "partners and babies".

Reports that the couple were to marry first emerged from the US earlier this year, but a rumoured autumn gathering at Steven Spielberg's property at The Hamptons in New York did not materialise.

The couple met in 2002 at a Coldplay concert when Paltrow was invited backstage. Martin left with Paltrow's number tucked in his pocket.

During interviews, Martin has refused to use Paltrow's name when mentioning his girlfriend.

At the London première of Paltrow's latest film, Sylvia, they arrived separately to avoid the pair being photographed together.

Chris Martin
Martin is fiercely protective of the couple's privacy
He turned up to support her rather than travelling to Edinburgh where his group were being honoured as best band at the MTV Awards.

He ignored most journalists' questions, while Paltrow sidestepped queries about her life in London and a reported move to Spain.

Paltrow has been portrayed in some sections of the media as emotionally fragile following her famously tearful acceptance speech at the 1999 Academy Awards, where she won the best actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love.

She later explained she had had a difficult year marked by the death of her grandfather, her father's illness and "a lot of upheaval". Her father later died of cancer.

She has been accused of diva-like behaviour backstage, but rounded on critics who questioned her temperament, saying: "I always hear that peoples' perception of me is that I'm cool or aloof or standoffish, but I don't think I'm a chilly person at all."

Martin has been the darling of the indie rock press and sensitive student types everywhere since the release of his band's anthemic debut album Parachutes in 2000.

Given Paltrow's image, it is tempting to believe that Martin's emotional literacy swept her off her feet following her well-publicised break-ups with macho A-listers Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.

There is evidence Martin is fiercely protective of his love and their relationship.

In July he became embroiled in an argument with a press photographer in Australia as he accompanied Paltrow in the resort town of Byron Bay before a music festival.

He was charged with malicious damage for allegedly smashing Jon Lister's windshield, but the case was dismissed by Australian police. Martin was pictured in tabloids this weekend apparently in another altercation with a paparazzo while shielding his beloved from their lenses.

Now they are married it seems inevitable that media interest in their personal life will only increase.

According to one report the couple are searching for a country house retreat in the Cotswolds, telling estate agents that they want a manor house in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire in the next two months.

They recently stayed at the luxurious £450-a-night Barnsley House Hotel near Cirencester.

If the move goes ahead the stars will join a host of famous names, including actress Kate Winslet and model Elizabeth Hurley, to have made the area their home in recent years.

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