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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 December, 2003, 11:13 GMT
Arnie sex accuser sues for libel
Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver
Schwarzenegger's lawyer dismissed the lawsuit as a publicity stunt
A woman who alleged she was sexually harassed by Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a libel lawsuit against the actor-turned-California governor.

Rhonda Miller's lawsuit claims that his staff falsely suggested in an e-mail that she was a convicted felon.

Ms Miller had earlier alleged that Mr Schwarzenegger groped her when she was working as a stunt woman.

The governor's lawyer dismissed the lawsuit as an attempt to gain publicity and predicted it would be thrown out.

Ms Miller had made the groping allegations at a news conference on 7 October, the day before the recall election.

Criminal record

Within hours the Schwarzenegger campaign sent an e-mail to reporters directing them to the Los Angeles Superior Court website and instructing them to type in the name Rhonda Miller.

That produced court records for a woman named Rhonda Miller with a long criminal record.

But Ms Miller, who is seeking unspecified damages, says she has never been arrested. She says false information about her was broadcast on national TV.

Her lawyer, Paul Hoffman, said the Schwarzenegger campaign deliberately misled reporters about her background to raise doubts about her allegations until the election was over.

Mr Schwarzenegger's lawyer, Marty Singer, denied that the e-mail suggested Ms Miller had a criminal record.

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